one nation – and a royal boy



The election is finally behind us. I’m sure that it will surprise no one that I am relieved by the results. But I know that for some of you, last night was a bitter pill. And I feel for you, because I know that I would have had a hard time today had things gone differently. My fervent hope this morning is that with this behind us, we can all begin the work of finding common ground. Of trying to understand one another’s perspectives from the inside out. Of talking. Of listening. Of hearing each other. And of finding ways to move forward together.

Over Grace last night, I asked Luau to say something about the election. He said his piece and I added this: “No matter what happens tomorrow, we will be respectful and gracious. We will honor the office of the presidency and remember that even if we are not happy with the choice, whomever wins will be the President.”

Luau jumped in and added, “He will be OUR president. Because we are one nation. That’s important.”

All night, I had the pledge of allegiance stuck in my head.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

And to the Republic

For which it stands

One nation

Under God


With liberty and justice for all

No matter how wide the gulf might feel between us, we are one nation and under God, we are Indivisible. I truly believe that we will find our way forward together.

And now, because I simply can’t make this another election post, I’m offering up the thing that made me smile last night, long before I had any political reasons to do so.

Brooke’s homework assignment was to choose four words to define, draw and provide synonyms for. (There was another part, but we skipped that.) She chose the words on her own. I looked them up for her and dictated the definitions, but the drawings and synonyms were hers. I just love her beautiful little brain.

Ghost – Halloween dead

Whistle – Singing with your lips

And my personal favorite —

Knight – Royal boy

And that my friends, is where my real hope lies this morning.

Not in Republicans nor Democrats, but in our children and their ability to do amazing things with our support.

And the knowledge that because of them, we will find our way back to one another.

Because we have to.

It’s who we are.

One nation.


With liberty and justice for all.


8 thoughts on “one nation – and a royal boy

  1. She is ‘something else’. And you are ‘something else’ too. Thanks for bringing a smile to my tired, disappointed face this morning. Another great perspective shared on a sticky, tricky subject. C’mon America… let’s work together now!!

  2. In the words of a dear, funny friend “Big Bird gets to keep his job, maybe Bert and Ernie can get married, and in Washington State, Oscar the Grouch can enjoy 4:20. ~ A. Williams, 06/11/12

    I love Brooke’s creative mind too… nothing more original that a mind unconstrained by social conventions. In the best way possible.

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