it’s all downhill from here


That’s me. Except that I would never wear that shirt with those pants. I mean, obviously. 

I swear to God, I didn’t make this up. And I promise that the picture below is only nearly illegible because it’s a photo of a photo copy and the text is only cut off because I screwed up scaling it when I tried to make it darker so that you could actually read it. Basically, I just suck at anything and everything even remotely related to technology and my IT department is currently snoring in our bed so you’re stuck with me and my mad skillz.

But apparently, none of that matters. Because as it turns out, I’m all that and a bag of chips. Does any one else kinda miss the Ricki Lake show? No? Just me?


When we went to Brooke’s parent-teacher conference last week (or in our case, parent, general ed teacher, special ed teacher, aide and case manager / inclusion specialist conference, cause ya know, that’s how we roll), they showed us some of her work. And among that work was the following.

The assignment had been to write about someone who is important to her. She chose me, which, quite frankly, would have been enough to make me really, really happy. But she didn’t stop there. She wrote about WHY I am important to her. And well, that sort of catapulted me straight to cloud nine. With support from the awesome Ms J, this is what she wrote:


You’re going to have to take my word for it when I tell you what it says. I pinky swear I’m not changing a word. And I’m keeping her spelling and her capitalizations intact because, well, they’re hers.


My mom is very nice and goes wherever I go. She watches TV with Me, she Takes me home. She lets me put on Plays, she makes me happy, and she sleeps in bed with me. She’s my favorite mom and she lets me play with her phone. I love her a lot. Mom is beautiful. She is a beauty. She tells me stories. She laughs when I say dreidal dreidal dreidal.

I know, right?

I mean, RIGHT?

Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure that this is the peak of my parenting career. I mean, how could it get better than this? I’m her favorite mom, people. Like, of all her moms, *I* am her favorite!

Yeah, that’s it. I can go now.

My work here is done.

42 thoughts on “it’s all downhill from here

  1. It’s only 6:03 but I can safely say that is the best thing I will read today. Carry on, favorite mom, carry on!

  2. And this surprises you? We all know that you are the “Bestest” Mom to Katie and Brooke! 😄but yeah I get how huge this is! Congrats Mama and hope you enjoy your coffee a little bit more drinking it out of the #1 Mom mug today !!

  3. Inspired by your story I asked Helen who her favorite person was. I was expecting super Mario or Yoshi. After a pause she said “Julie”. She rarely calls me mom. While she is not able to say why I was happy to just accept my name. Now I’m on cloud 9. 🙂

  4. Wow! Can I pay Brooke to write me a letter like that? I’m in a season with all four where I can’t imagine any of them writing/ thinking/saying anything remotely this cool. Unless money or Christmas lists are involved.

  5. You make her happy. Not that that’s at all surprising to hear– but oh, that she could recognize it and indirectly tell you? Please ignore this lump in my throat. Also, I’ve got something in my eye. Carry on.

  6. Hang that on a special wall that you see all the time, and remind yourself on those inevitable days of horrible frustration and self-doubt just what a good job you ARE doing. She’s a sweetheart, that clearly has her Mama’s caring insights.

  7. That needs some archival spray and a frame. Love this. Love that she was able to articulate her feelings. (and I’d say you are hitting your parenting stride. Can’t wait to read about what she’s writing 5 years from now.)

  8. For the days when you doubt it, remember, she said: You are beautiful. And, I am not talking about the physical. I am talking about all that those words contain that Brooke was trying to tell you. From her perspective, you give her safety when she is afraid. You give her comfort when she is anxious. You laugh when she is funny. You play when she is playful. You are always ready, when she ventures out into the “possible.” You give pure love when she is any and all of the above. Put just those words in a frame by your mirror. You are beautiful.

  9. *smiles* thank you for putting a smile on my face 🙂 It IS worth it when we get these juicy nuggets of love. We know how much work it took for our children to get to this point to let us know what is happening inside.

  10. I always knew that kid was wise beyond her years. You are a beauty – a beauty of a mom. And she knows it; ‘course she does.

    My favorite? “…she goes wherever I go.”. For a working Mom, that’s got to be nice to hear you have managed to leave that impression by being super mom. :). I know that would mean a lot to me. And the “…she makes me happy.”. That’s probably tops.


    • i hadn’t even realized that until you said it. and since? i’ve thought of it and smiled again and again. thank you for this. it’s a gift.

  11. Here is mine, I keep it framed next to my bed: “My Mom is so sweet and I love you mom. I never want to lose you I would give my life for you. You are ky Mary and I love that.” ( Any errors are intended, I copied it verbatim). We must be doing something right Jess!

  12. even though i’ve got dreidel dreidel dreidel stuck in my head, this is perfection. not only b/c of its content, but b/c she wrote a paragraph. spectacular!

  13. I’m so happy for you. I dream of the day my 7 year old baby boy will speak or write anything. Just when you feel what you do does not matter, they surprise you by validating your sweat prayers and tears. You are doing it right!

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