oh, vicky, why do you have to hurt me?

Ed note: Many of you have asked for tissue warnings before some of my more emotional posts. I can assure you, with great confidence, that the only tears that will fall over this post are mine. 


No, that’s not me, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was since clearly, there are myriad similarities.

It’s almost eerie, I know. 


Dear Victoria’s Secret,

I thought we had an understanding, you and me. It went like this ..

I give you the per capita income of a small nation once every nine months or so and you, well, you provide me with the spectacular feat of engineering that gives the girls a comfortable home – exactly where they belong.

That was the deal.

And then you – well, you went and broke my heart.

You slapped me – and the girls – in the face.

You discontinued the only bra I ever loved.

Oh Vicky, why you gotta hurt me?

Come back to me, girl.

I won’t forget, but I’ll forgive.

The girls and I need you.


Don’t make me beg.

You know where to find us.


33 thoughts on “oh, vicky, why do you have to hurt me?

  1. Ooh, Body Ipex was my favorite, too! Hard to find a 38DD that I like, that’s comfortable, and is strong enough to defy gravity with my fluffy pillows. Jess, we feel your pain.

  2. Lemme guess… She turned on you with a little lace demi number with no support.

    What a b…. You didn’t need her anyway. Just remember there are other fish in the sea.


  3. Vicky has done this to me way too many times to mention…she also discontinued my favorite undies, too! I recently went to Dillards and was fitted by a lovely Romanian lady for a Wacoal bra…if your cup overflows, these bras are THE BOMB! I am loyal to Wacoal. Now, if only I could find those damn panties!

  4. Jess, this has happened to me before. Not only with bras, but also with eye shadow and (sob) my favorite jeans. My advice: get on ebay immediately! You will be amazed at how many brand new discontinued items are on there. I get it, I really do!

  5. I’ve heard great things about Intimacy in Boston and am thinking about asking for a gift card to there for the holidays.

  6. This made me sad. As a well-endowed (and now nursing) mother, I have yet to find a bra that makes me happy. I feel your pain. Literally… it’s my bra digging into my sides. If you find a decent replacement, let us know!

  7. I am really feeling for ya…. I’ve dipped so low as to only wear sports bras because I can’t find my favorite style of bra that is comfortable. Also, I can’t seem to find my favorite cut of underwear!

  8. I have voiced my similar concerns to Vicky as well.. Why they had to decrease the support and add padding to my favorite bra when they “redesigned” I really don’t know! Why they needed to “redesign” it at all is a complete mystery to me. It worked perfectly fine for me. If you are referring to the Biofit.. I stumbled on that one myself during a clearance sale only to discover once I got hooked that they discontinued it.. aarrrgghh!

  9. For those of you that have “ta tas,” my (almost) sincerest sympathies. I can usually throw on whatever training bra they have lying around at Pink.

  10. I just don’t know how you have time to MODEL on top of everything else you do. That is a great shot. The blond highlights are nice.

    I found a good Calvin Klein that I swear by. Check out once you’ve mind EBay for all it is worth.

    Condolences from Canada (where that bitch won’t deliver anyway).

  11. I really needed this today! Emotionally, that is. Physically, I could have used it a few months ago, b/c then I would have known to hunt on ebay for my discontinued style. And while I always love reading your Mom’s comments, I think Dad gets the blue ribbon today. Though, as usual, Mom got there first-I still believe she gets an advance copy. Let me know how I can get on your A-list. Not that I’m trying to compete here, just looking for equality.

  12. I know it’s been a year, but I feel your pain. I was a biofit fan myself (48 year old single mom of one, born when I was 35). I hit ebay once in a while stocking up when I can and send Victoria scathing emails regarding their discrimination against “real” women. And yes, if you ever find a suitable replacement, please, PLEASE let me know. In the meantime, I’ll keep shopping ebay and praying that the 3 biofits I have left don’t wear out…

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