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My friend, Alysia’s son Howie


You may remember me telling you – or at least telling you that I wanted to tell you – about my friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the SenseAbility Gym   in Hopedale, Massachusetts.

Alysia and her partner, Tina, both autism mamas, have been working around the clock to make SenseAbility a reality for families like ours. They’ve poured their hearts, their time and their money into making this happen.

Here’s their mission …

Community: SenseAbility Gym wants its members to feel welcome, and part of the special needs community.

Safe Sensory Play: SenseAbility Gym wants parents of children with special needs to feel there is a safe place to bring their children for fun, exercise and sensory support.

Acceptance: SenseAbility Gym will have an environment that recognizes that all special needs children are different and that all learning styles, personalities, and abilities are welcome.

Support: SenseAbility Gym will be a place where families of special needs children can go to meet other families who share the same struggles.

That’s it, isn’t it?





That’s it.

SenseAbility is up for a $25,000 grant from FedEx. $25,000 to help create and maintain a safe space for our kids — and for us.

Please vote for them to win the grant. It’s one click, once a day, through Nov 24th. Don’t worry; I’ll remind you. But please start right now. One click to create community. That’s all ya gotta do.



If you’re on Twitter, please consider tweeting some version of the following. I’ll retweet it and then follow you.

PLEASE VOTE for @SenseAbilityGym then RT. I’M BEGGING. #fedexgrantcontest @trydefyinggrav @diaryofamom #autism


Thank you!

13 thoughts on “one click to create community

  1. it was nice meeting you at the first fund raiser for this amazing gym. Thank you so much for your support. I can’t say enough about Alysia and TIna they “get it” and have a strong passion to make sure that others have an opportunity to “feel” the acceptance and love that we have carved out here in our town community. Big HUG to ALL!!!

  2. I have told my husband MANY times how much we need something like this for Kylie. I’d love to start one here too but yes it requires a lot of MONEY!!

  3. Done! (And I almost never give apps my Facebook info, so that was for you Alysia – wonderful and worthy cause). :). Good luck!

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