c’mon vamanos


She was working on it for nearly a week. She would shuttle us all out of the den and take out her supplies – scads of paper, a freshly sharpened pencil and Dora Scrabble. The game, she explained, had pictures of all of the characters on its board.

I asked her if she wanted to save it for Christmas, but she’s too much like her Mama when she has a gift to give. We are a loose-bellied people.

So she ran up the stairs the moment it was finished, breathless with anticipation.

“Brooke, I made something for you,” she said, “and I worked REEEEEEEAALLY hard on it, so I really hope you like it.”

And then she presented her opus to her little sister.

A custom-made, personalized Dora coloring and activity book.

“Some of the concepts are a little abstract, Mama,” she stage-whispered. “But don’t worry; I’ll help her.”

Funny, I wasn’t worried at all.




I particularly like that one of the options was Dora the ___ Poopy. When going for the laugh, always know your audience.




We’ve already talked about my IT skills, folks. Nothing’s changed. Pretend the blank space where her real name used to be says Brooke and move on. Thank you. 


Apparently my picture-taking skills leave a little bit to be desired as well. You get the point.







I’ve always said that I hope that someday my girls will read all of this. That said, I hope you’ll indulge me a moment.

Katie, In case I’ve forgotten to say it lately, you’re an incredible kid. I don’t know how I got so damn lucky, but I couldn’t have designed you better if I’d tried.

Mama loves you, kiddo – more than anything. Even salty french fries on the beach. 



Ed note: Please don’t forget to vote for SenseAbility Gym today and every day until the 24th! (Full story here) Thank you!

24 thoughts on “c’mon vamanos

  1. What a wonderful gift Katie made for Brooke…I know how thankful you are to have such special daughters….the love is incredible…..taught by Mom and Dad. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. My thesaurus runs dry for words to describe that girl’s ability to love proactively. She’s your best gift to Brooke (and of course, vice versa).


  3. What awesome pics she drew! And what a perfect gift for Brooke! I love this…on so many levels. You’ve got one amazing young lady there! 🙂

  4. WOW. Not only is she one of the sweetest kids on the planet she is QUITE THE ARTIST!!!. Very talented young lady you have there… And, I am sure the Brooke LOVED it.


  5. This is so beautiful! Katie has found such an incredible way to connect with her sister – over and over again. She will continue to grow into such an amazing lady.
    I hope Katie doesn’t mind if I borrow the idea – my youngest was recently diagnosed (so is his brother, as well as myself) and – loves – Dora, Diego, and all those letters and words! I have to be honest, haha. We just spent 5 minutes practicing our calm bodies with Isa-inspired nail polish colours! Whatever helps it come into practice, right?
    We are blessed, like you, to have a support system. However flawed it may be I’m not sure where we’d be without it.
    All the best to you and yours, I know you will go miles for every inch anyone ever gives you. 🙂

  6. Jess, I really mean this: you need not worry so much about your children; they will be just fine by all I see here. Keep on doing what you and Luau are doing. It’s working. Very, very well. hugs from north jersey

  7. I cannot wait to see the pictures.. Brooke working on these pages.. Our kids make us what we are.. “proud parents” is one of the quality..

  8. She is beyond great and so is her mother. I have often said that I could never have had the ability to make the design for my little girl because she was way beyond my ability to even dream of how wonderful she was and now you too know what I was telling you about you all these years. You too have children that exceed your creativity and your dreams (BOTH) of your babies each in their own way.

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