the north pole


The other night, we went to the North Pole. We rode the Polar Express to get there, and had a quick meeting with the big guy on the way.


He was apparently just as shocked to see us as we were to see him.


We rode some rides, as you do.


We played in a cranberry bog ball pit. Cause when you live in Massachusetts, the North Pole has one of those.


And we found some friends to bury. And get buried by. Cause when you’re Brooke, that’s what you do.


And then you convince them to play Ring Around the Rosy. Obviously.


We checked out the view of the lights from the top of the ferris wheel.


And then got a little closer.


We rode this with Daddy, cause we all know the family rule – Mama doesn’t spin.


And as it turns out, I’m only a hair over needing to bring an ‘adult’ with me to ride it.


You’re welcome, Dad.ย 

I wanted desperately to capture the joy on Brooke’s face on the Scrambler, but I couldn’t. They were simply moving too fast for my little phone camera to catch. The one above was the best of the bunch.

But I had to find a way to record the moment.

I can’t explain it. There are no words for it. A smile so BIG! and so OPEN! and an expression that screams YES! this is LIFE! and I’m LIVING IT!. A head-back, squealing-with-joy scream to the world. LIVE BIG! EMBRACE the moment! DEVOUR it! SQUEEZE everything it has out of it!

It’s too big for words.

Luckily, Luau had the presence of mind, God bless him, to grab his phone and videotape a couple of seconds of the ride. And that’s all it takes, really. Just ten seconds. To see what I mean. To see what JOY and LIVING means.

I love this. I just love it.

Oh, and it’s sideways because the centrifugal force of the ride turned the phone. I think it just adds to the effect, personally.

So, to recap …

Shocked Santa, twinkling lights, cranberry bog ball pit and scrambled eggs.

Yup, best North Pole visit EVER.


Edaville Railroad


17 thoughts on “the north pole

  1. We love Edaville! It’s become a tradition to go on New Year’s Eve. I’m so happy Brooke had a wonderful time! It’s a great place – especially with the Christmas lights!

  2. Joy to the Wilson world. Love, blessings and happiness to you

    (… And Dear Dr. With a Crystal Ball… No social connection? And no pretend play? My ass. That girl’s an egg!! A connected, joyful, scrambled egg.)

  3. We are all about the memories that helped to form us, and those memories will sustain your babies as they grow. Isn’t it wonderfut that their memories will be filled with love and good things from their mommy and daddy?
    Love you,

  4. That joy.. unrestrained, pure and contagious is what I love the most about autism. There are no airs put on, no false laughter, just pure joy that radiates from the inside out. We find it for Hunter at Disneyland on rides like Big Thunder Mountain.. there are no words to describe how good it feels to be around that kind of joy!

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