Posted in January 2013


  ~ A reader sent me a photo yesterday along the lines of those below. I was inspired to create a few of my own. I hope you like them. If you do, feel free to share them. It’s funny, I never thought I was a cat person. Until my little kitten came along. And … Continue reading

because we’re friends

~ I am a working mom. For me, that’s a hard thing to be. I am a working mom of an autistic child. For me, that is often an even harder thing to be. When Katie was small, she asked questions – by God did that child ask questions. She asked why I went to … Continue reading


~ Oh, my friends. My heart aches this morning. For so many reasons. But mostly because my friend is hurting. So to her, my fellow builder of bridges, and to all of you, I write the following. ~ My sweet friend, I’m so sorry. It is no secret that we will, at times, have radically … Continue reading

of scripts and bras

~ The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn’t. ~ Joseph Mankiewicz ~ Two nights ago, at the dinner table: * “When I count to three say, everybody say, “Okie Dokie Artichokie!” “Brooke,” I say, “remember, you can ASK us …” She doesn’t wait for … Continue reading

a conversation with ari

. ~ The back story Ed note: Ari Ne’eman is Co-Founder and President of ASAN, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. He is also a Presidential Appointee to the National Council on Disability. Ed other note: Since my conversation with Ari was not ‘on the record’, so to speak, I’ve limited the following to my side of … Continue reading


I have so much to write about my trip to Washington, but, as always, I’m fighting the clock. Sleep this morning was more precious than gold and I simply couldn’t give it up – not even for you. But I want to tell you one thing today. The rest can wait, but there’s one thing … Continue reading

a note to the husbands

~ The scene: Luau and I are standing in our bathroom. He is holding my newly repaired favorite pair of boots, relaying the shoemaker’s instructions. “So,” he says, holding a boot in one hand and pointing to the zipper with the other, “he told me to tell you that you’ve got to be careful because he didn’t … Continue reading

like coming home

~ To our friends at Jet Blue — well, you guys warrant a post of your own. It will come soon; I promise. Because the autism community needs to know who our people are. And you, my friends, are our people. ~ From yesterday’s post ~ Security was hell. It just was. We’d been at … Continue reading

thank you

. Brooke with her friends, Dora, Diego and Mr Shawn ~ Dear Nick Hotel staff, Sometimes words aren’t big enough. This is one of those times. You welcomed me and my girl with open arms. You reveled in her excitement (and mine for her). You treated her like royalty. You understood just how much it … Continue reading