and started anew


It started with an idea.

A kid wanting to help a kid.

An eleven year-old with a big heart and a big plan.

$800 to buy a keyboard for Tuck, to help him pass the time in the hospital while he was fighting that damned Leukemia.

An online bake sale to raise the money.

That was her plan.

And then you joined in.

And the big plan got bigger.


And then Tuck passed away.

And our hearts were broken.

Torn down the middle.

It wasn’t the way the story was supposed to end.

But we immediately realized – it hadn’t ended at all.

A story like Tuck’s doesn’t end. It just takes a turn.

Starts anew.

We knew what we had to do.

$800 for a keyboard became $4300 for an ICU compatible Wii.

In Tuck’s name.

Cookies and brownies – 2 for $10.

For Tuck.

And YOU came through.


Back in October, there was this —

October 18, 2012

Brianna O’Connell

Boston Children’s Hospital

Office of Child Life Services

Boston, MA

Dear Brianna,

We are delighted to present the attached checks totaling $3,600, the proceeds of the Diary4Luck2Tuck bake sale. As per our discussions, the money is to be used, in concert with the $700 due to arrive shortly from Luck2Tuck, to purchase an ICU compatible Wii game system from the Starlight Foundation.

When it arrives, the Wii will be given to the Seventh Floor South ICU in honor of Tucker Gowen. This is just one small way to honor the indelible impact that Tuck had on all of us whose lives he touched and to carry on his determination to spread joy and hope to others.

We have no doubt that every time the Wii is used by a child in the ICU, Tuck’s playful and mischievous spirit will be right there in the room.

Sincerely yours,

Jess and Katie

On behalf of Diary4Luck2Tuck

Yesterday, there was this —

Hi Jess. 

Just wanted you to know it looks like the Fun Center shipped on Monday — based on the notification we received. I will keep an eye on when it is scheduled to arrive and let you know so we can move forward with having you all come in for “ribbon cutting”!

We’re very excited that it is this close to being here!

Happy New Year,


The wait was an eternity. And yet, it seems, it was right on time.

It’s hard not to think that Tuck had a hand in that.

Seems he always does.

The week after next, Jeni and Katie will present the Wii to the Seventh Floor South ICU.

And the lives of the kids who pass through that place will be just a little bit better, brighter, more hopeful, more FUN.

Because of a kid whose story took a turn. And started anew.


Follow Luck2Tuck HERE

Thank you – every one of you – who made this possible.

And to Jeni, we love you so much. 

15 thoughts on “and started anew

  1. Fantastic news, through your blog and your daughters heart, Tuck will never be forgotten. He will continue to touch people he never met.

  2. What a fabulous post – and what perfect words: “it took a turn – started anew”. Tuck is surely smiling down on this.

  3. After getting to know Tucks family and their story, it became clear to me that both of your families have the most genuinely loving and giving families and you are both so strong. Tucker’s passing just broke my heart, but with all of you, his spirit lives on! Very inspirational, thanks for showing that there really are still good people left in this crazy world!!

  4. Luck2Tuck is how I found you. Since then you have made me a better mom, para-professional and person. Thank you for all you have done in memory of this wonderful young man. Thank you for your amazing insight that helps me help my students everyday.

  5. It’s wonderful that you were able to do that! My son was just today talking about how much fun it was to be able to play Spiderman on a Starlight Foundation video game when his appendix ruptured two years ago and he spent six days in the hospital. Out of blue he mentions things like that, so know that it will have a positive impact and make the kids’ lives better every time someone uses it. 🙂

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