Posted in February 2013

for the love of God, plumb

  Ed note: The following will (hopefully) be up soon on Huffington Post. I was waiting to link to it there, but since it’s sort of a timely piece, I wanted to share it before going to bed. If it goes up soon, I’ll post the link. In the meantime, happy reading.  Dear Honorable (and … Continue reading

the whole story

. ~ Diary’s Facebook status, yesterday afternoon (ed note: the 2nd ‘qualitative’ should have read ‘quantitative’ – that’s what I get for typing on my phone) * “Way to prove those tests wrong, Brooke!” “Those doctors don’t know what they’re talking about.” “Those scales mean nothing! The only comparison that matters is Brooke to Brooke!” … Continue reading

a losing game

. I tell her the Buddhist parable of the mustard seed – the one that my dear friend Judith shared with me so long ago now. The story of the woman who has lost her son – who believes that she is completely alone in her grief. The story in which the Buddha commands her … Continue reading

miss alysia’s playhouse

~ On the wall at SenseAbility ~ On Sunday afternoon, The Wilsons piled our little traveling yard sale into the car and headed out on a very special mission. We were finally going to see the results of my dear friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the Senseability Gym in Hopedale, MA. To be clear, we … Continue reading


~ We’re gathering up the goods … Again. Eegy sheep The gummy bear blanket The iPad The favorite books – HUG, Dora’s Starry Christmas, The Owl Babies Three of the same fidgets for peeling / picking / pulling A bag of Kix for the car on the way home We’re headed to the hospital … … Continue reading

knock knock

    . . Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you. ~ Langston Hughes  . Mirth is God’s medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it. Grim care, moroseness, anxiety–all this rust of life–ought to be scoured off by the oil of mirth.  ~ Henry Ward … Continue reading

while we’re waiting

an old favorite picture that just feels right today   Continued from HERE … I’d love to tell you that Toys R Us was wonderful, that Brooke found her video and that all was well after that. But not so much. They had TONS of videos, scores of which looked like they would be right … Continue reading


~ Things had gone downhill quickly. We’d made a gross tactical error, deviating from the plan. Sometimes Brooke can handle it. She can evoke the F word – Flexible! – but this wasn’t one of those times. We were on our way to Toys R Us in search of a video. Katie suggested we stop … Continue reading

walk on

Brooke gets a ride from Daddy Cape Cod, 2011 I woke up this morning with a single line of a song in my head. It echoed from my childhood — in my father’s smooth, rich tenor. It was far too big for the car, where half of our singing happened. The other half took place … Continue reading