eeeeeeg 2.0



May, 2011


Dear EEG Tech,

I’m sorry that it’s so crowded in here. I’m sure it makes your job tougher, trying to work around all of these people. But well, there’s not much that I can do. You try to convince them to stay home. Ain’t gonna happen.

So you might want to think about moving us into a bigger room.

Because you see, that beautiful girl on the table there? She has an entire village that travels with her.

There are the grandparents who are pretending to be calm right now, waiting for our call.

There are the friends and extended family members who hold this little girl in their hearts because she’s theirs every bit as much as she’s ours.

There are the people at school — the teachers and aides and therapists, the receptionists, the custodians — all of the people who adore her – who spend as much time with her every day as we do, cheering for her, commiserating with her, pushing her, guiding her, protecting her, praying for her, believing in her.

And then there are the people who have never met her. Who know her through nothing but words on a page and yet, who are here with us today — holding her, holding us, caring for her like nothing I could ever have imagined nor hoped. Who are just as much her family as anyone else in this room.

So I’m sorry about the crowd, but you’re just going to have to work around them.

Because they’re not going anywhere.




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23 thoughts on “eeeeeeg 2.0

  1. You’re so right! We’re not going anywhere. …and you, knew I was pretending to be calm. Did my message to you at 4 AM give me away. Damn!!!!!

    Love you and right there with you and Brooke.
    Mom (Grammy)

  2. I hope the whole event proves s he is healthy, and I can’t wait to hear her take on things. :). May she feel the Lords amazing love surround her during this time and you too my friend.

  3. PEACE from the Laughter, Could be the Missing Piece mum. We have been where you are and it is tricky (and sticky). The worst part for James was taking off the stickers. We will be thinking of you that the test will provide answers that you are looking for.

  4. Love the crowd you hang with…. And, they aren’t going anywhere. Blessings this day for you and your sweet family. Praying the outcome is exactly as you hope and sending positive karma your way.

  5. Yep, not going anywhere. As one of those who knows your beautiful family only through your words, I’m holding you all in my heart today.

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