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the waves

yeah, i know; there’s a typo In other words, it looks as though we’re entering yet another “new normal,” one that I know that many of you already live. The news came right before we sat down with Dr Dreamy, Brooke’s neuropsych, to hear the results of her yearly evaluation. The timing of the meeting … Continue reading

under a blanket of comfort

* I did not hear from the doctor last night, which is actually good. The nurse had said that if the news were “urgent” that he would call last night. If not, we would hear from him within 24 hours. Some of you have expressed anger about the way that the doctor’s office handled this. … Continue reading

the secret

~ Ed note: You might recall that yesterday’s post began with a note that said, Three magical things happened that night — the first you’ve already read about, of course, but there were two more. and the first of those started with nothing but a phone call. This, my friends, was the third …  THE BACK … Continue reading

thank you, uno’s

~ Ed (very long) note: I feel like a lifetime has passed since I wrote the following post, since so darn much has happened since last week. But I need to share this with you. It’s about dinner with Jeni and her brother, Alex and the kids following the dedication of the Wii Cart on … Continue reading

great googly moogly

~ I only have a couple of minutes, so this is going to have to be quick. But, for those of you not on Facebook (um, Dad), yesterday went something like this … 8am … For the last ten minutes Brooke has been talking to Kiki – telling her not to worry, that it will … Continue reading

eeeeeeg 2.0

  May, 2011 ~ Dear EEG Tech, I’m sorry that it’s so crowded in here. I’m sure it makes your job tougher, trying to work around all of these people. But well, there’s not much that I can do. You try to convince them to stay home. Ain’t gonna happen. So you might want to … Continue reading


~ Friends, As those of you who follow Diary’s Facebook page may know, we’ve had a harrowing few days. Brooke and I spent a horrific night in the ER on Monday and left with the terribly unsatisfying diagnosis of ‘We’re not really sure what happened here.” Although we’re hoping that the answer will be that … Continue reading

the ribbon cutting

*** From January 3, 2013 (click on the links in green to read more) … *** It started with an idea. A kid wanting to help a kid. An eleven year-old with a big heart and a big plan. $800 to buy a keyboard for Tuck, to help him pass the time in the hospital … Continue reading

the search for balance

Ed note: The following post is a mess.  The pictures are sloppy and unedited. There is not a hint of proper grammar to be found. Not even a passing nod to its existence. It is what it is. It’s life. Raw and real and not always pretty. Yes, she’s walking on the back of the loveseat. … Continue reading