step one

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 7.07.15 AM

~ Yesterday morning’s Facebook status


Step one — don’t feel the need to write about it the very next day. 

See you tomorrow, loves. 

23 thoughts on “step one

  1. This may have been the most intelligent Diary to date, Sweetheart and you know I’m your biggest fan.

    Love you and take care of yourself,

  2. I had an entire comment and it got erased. Well it basically said, take time for you because even though I do not right now have a special needs child if it were not for people like you and GOD I would of not over come by obstacles and day to day life even today. I admire you. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety is huge. I use to go to hospital all the time please don’t feel bad! It can be as bad as a heart attack! Again take time for you, I know you have friends and family please please asked for help when needed or even if you don’t they want to help!

  3. Been there, done that – – except with a wider audience (my entire law office) and an expensive ride to the hospital with sirens blaring. Embarrassing incident happened approximately 5 minutes after reporting to friends in the office about a stressful experience with a nanny who watched my children for exactly five days (on her 5th day of watching 18-month year old Bridget – I left in the morning to go to work but quickly stopped into Starbucks on my way. As I got on the highway 4 minutes later to head to work I spied her getting onto the Interstate with Bridget in the back seat speeding north to a location unknown). Oh dear, my blood pressure is rising again and it has been over six years . . . .

  4. Taking a step back is a good thing. I feel like I am on the verge of a full on panic attack daily (well, any day that there is school, as I sit her basically sobbing and unable to breathe, just bc, well, school), and you are so fantastic in that you have built this giant community, but please, please don’t let it affect your health. I think you want to help everyone who posts, and that is such a great thing, but sometimes, you really need to say, I can’t take anything else on. I can’t read and respond to every post. I can’t blog every day. Because, you have your own life, and struggles, and needs, and they must be met first. You have to be healthy and happy and OK, before you can take on the world. You have 2 great girls, and a husband, who NEED you, first and foremost. And I think your body was not so subtly letting you know, something’s gotta give. Don’t ever feel bad for taking care of yourself. For setting some things aside. It’s hard, but it’s so important.

  5. Please slow down – take care of you- allow others to help and always remember xanax can be a really good friend 🙂
    been here, done it still working on it 🙂

  6. You know the “Force Shutdown” message you get at the end of the day when you are trying to go home and you still have about 25+ documents open on your computer. I’m trying to listen to my body when it’s giving me the same message. Take care.

  7. Ooh, and is it also time for some meds? My anti-anxiety meds have made a huge difference in my ability to cope. I’m pro-survival, saying NO to all but essentials, and yes to peaceful times . . . May you have some peace ahead, Jess.

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