step two


back story 

Step two …




Put your head down on the desk if you need to rest.

~ Sign by Brooke, “randomly” found in my dressing room this week. 


No accidents, my friends.

Took the day off from work yesterday, and despite a list of to-dos as long as my arm, crawled into bed and slept from noon to 4.

I highly recommend it.

The to-dos will wait.

12 thoughts on “step two

  1. Wise words from B. So glad you are putting your head down on your desk… Your family will thank you. Your body and soul will thank you.

    (I resigned from my high-profile, high paying job yesterday. Time to put my head down on my desk too)


  2. Good for you! you needed it!! While you were sleeping i did the craziest thing in my life! i went and got a tattoo to represent my 2 babies! well not really babies 14 and 4. it was the worst pain i have ever felt! i turn 40 on thursday and thought what the hell why not! as i was laying there in pain i closed my eyes and picture the hand with breath on it! it helped alot! that was my take time for me moment…probably not the smartest thing to do in me time..but hey the last 4 yrs have been one heck of a rollercoaster! im glad u got some rest yesterday and you continue to sneek in some more you time!

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