And for today’s act of self-preservation, I plan to pretend to be here.


Care to join me?

I saved a chair for you.

Oh, but do be a dear and ask the waiter to stop by on your way, won’t you? My ice is melting.

20 thoughts on “self-preservation

  1. Nobody else would be there just magic elves who leave a constant supply of food and cocktails and good books. I need to make this my screensaver so I can get through this week. How can it only be Wednesday?

  2. I feel like my wife would also want a chair…can you imagine one more? I worry that she’ll think I’m cheating on her in your imagination.

      • when did Stimey get an island?? Is it near Diary Island? Because I worry about how much Diary Island sounds like Diarrhea Island…and I don’t want to be that close…

      • I have those imaginary carbon filters with me. I guess it’s okay…just a texture thing…*shudders*

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