thank you


ed note: what follows is stream of consciousness. it’s not edited, so it’s not pretty. it leaves out a lot. but time is again short and i’d rather say it than not, so here goes. 


to those who try – and get it spectacularly wrong, (keep trying)

to those who thoughtfully and respectfully engage the ones who try, even when they do get it spectacularly wrong, (keep talking)

to those who are willing to listen to the ones who engage them, to get incrementally closer to one of the myriad versions of right, (keep listening)

to those who ask questions of parents like me, (keep asking)

and to those who find ways to ask our children, (this – a thousand times, this)

to those who try to understand from the outside in,

and to those who try to understand from the inside out, (keep trying)

to those who know that autism is one word, but there is no one autism, (because when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism)

to those who offer a smile, hold a door, pick up a toy thrown mid-meltdown, (you have no idea how much it means)

to those who help simply by reserving judgement but not compassion, (the former is toxic, the latter world-changing)

to those who recognize that changing their business model to make room for everyone doesn’t just make them good people, it makes them profitable, (simple math)

to those who look beyond the labels to the multi-dimensional spectrum of humanity that lies within, (your efforts will reward you tenfold)

to those who teach our children – not to assimilate but to adapt when necessary – and to love who they are in the process (this is everything)

to those who then walk outside their homes and classrooms and clinics and therapy centers and teach the world – not to assimilate but to adapt when necessary – and to love ALL PEOPLE in the process (because it only works when we meet half-way)

to those who have replaced words like tolerate and accept with celebrate and include, (they’re not just words; they are actions)

to those who have vowed never to use the R word in a hurtful context again, (there are so many other ways to insult each other without taking the self-esteem of human beings along for the ride; be creative)

to those who talk TO and not around my child, (respect)

to those who understand why doing so, no matter how challenging it might be, is nothing less than a matter of human dignity, (you have no idea how much richer your life will be when you allow yourself to see what is right in front of you)

to those who share their stories, (because none of our stories are exactly the same)

to those who can only manage to get from one day to the next, (it’s okay)

to those who come here every day and read my words, (i never cease to be amazed that you’re here)

to those who keep trying,


16 thoughts on “thank you

  1. And thank you! For providing an insight into your world, as each is so different, yet very much the same. For fighting, advocating, for our children. For being you, and showing us that it is okay to make mistakes, to pick up and try again. For all these things and many more we are all very grateful and thankful you are here. 🙂 ❤

  2. It is a fact that the most nutrients are found in food that is uncooked… raw. I find your “raw” words nutrients for my soul. No editing needed, straight from the heart is best, no double-thinking or back-tracking here.

  3. your stream of consciousness is far more insightful than any planned out, carefully worded thoughts i ever have. it’s impressive!

  4. LOVE – Perfect and Amazing. Once again I am reminded why I follow you and how amazing you are. Thank you! 🙂 PS …. totally sharing this with my readers/followers. Thanks for being you!

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