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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

~ Robert Frost


At yesterday’s literacy morning, we were treated to the kids sharing their autobiographical poems with the class. They had been prompted to write about themselves, using a template provided by their teachers and a page listing over a hundred adjectives in case they needed ideas.

Brooke’s poem was delightful.

And moving.

And wonderfully, authentically, deeply … Brooke.

The adjectives that she chose to use were nothing short of spectacular.

In short, it was perfect.

(Capitalizations left intact)



She is …. Nice, Brave, Fearless and Awesome.

She is the child of .. Jess and Luau.

She is a lover of … Recess, Kites, and Bunnies.

She feels … Happy about presents, loved about her family and excited about the circus.

She needs … naps and her family.

She fears … nothing.

She gives .. Hugs to her family, compliments to her friends, and love to Ms J.

She would like to see … Santa Claus, Fireworks, and a Rowboat.


My girl described herself as brave. And fearless. And awesome.

She is taking hold of her power, recognizing that she can do anything.

Nice. Brave. Fearless. Awesome.

Yes. Fist-pumping, table pounding YES!


In case we missed it the first time, she said that she fears nothing.

Can you think of anything more remarkable, anything more miraculous, anything more abso$%#&ing wonderful than this child – THIS CHILD – fearing nothing? Assuredly, I cannot.


She feels loved about her family.

God, I love the way my girl bends our language to her will.

Loved about her family.

Please don’t chalk that up to syntax error. Read it again. Think about it.



She has friends to whom she gives compliments.

She. Has. Friends.


Santa, Fireworks, Rowboat.

You got it, kid.


So there you have it — why I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

Because, well … Dickinson, Frost, Keats, Whitman — all fine poets if that’s your taste.

For me, however, this …



45 thoughts on “nice brave fearless awesome

  1. Because this IS absolute perfection. Brooke is an exceptional poet and an exceptional kid in every way. I love this.

    Love you,

  2. Love this. Love fearless. Love when she thinks about her family, she feels… Loved.

    Love that the circus made a positive appearance, reinforcing for all of us that our kids hang on to the awesome moments, too. Even if short or shorter than entire.

    Fist pump, yes! Indeed. xo

  3. None of this is lost on me. We live in the same world. Who is Ms. J? I take it either her teacher or her Para. But either way. when a professional of any sort at school gets my kid to the extent that my kid can be comfortable enough to have positive feelings for them in the chaos that is school. That is someone that is never forgotten. Go Ms J, GO BROOKE!

  4. I never comment but I read everything you put up everyday and I just wanted to say that I’ve always thought, and still think, that Brooke has awesomeness rolling off her back because she is so awesome! That was simply amazing and I pray she feels this way, all the days of her life. Thank you for sharing, everything.

  5. This. So very much this. With all the challenges our kids have, with all the emotions that come with raising kids on the spectrum, let alone ANY kid, it is wonderful to see a kid who is comfortable in his or her own skin. This is where the teaching begins. The kids teach the parents more than the other way around sometimes. We just have to be willing to receive the lessons. She is happy being herself, despite challenges, despite bad days. She has a wonderful family to thank for that self esteem.

  6. And there is your girl for all the world to see because when I look at her I see all that is on that page and more. The twinkle in her eye when she tells a knock knock joke, the way she loves you fiercely and the way she just freely enjoys herself in the moment.

    Having had the privilege of Brooke’s company I can tell you I see her and all that she has to offer. She is awesome and I love her.


  7. The comfort her words bring to your heart must be immeasurable! Kudos to you and your family for fostering such a positive, empowering environment for her to grow within. Can we bottle you guys and spread it around the community??? 😉

  8. don’t get me wrong, i think you’re a great writer and all, jess…but brooke may be my new favorite writer of them all. if it helps, you’re still a close second.

  9. This is excellent! That she not only has the insight, but can put it into words, fabulous. I get glimpses of it now and then from my son, and it’s always amazing when it happens 🙂

  10. Beautiful!! She is such an amazing kid!! Keep this always and refer back whenever YOU are feeling afraid and remember SHE fears NOTHING….. What a wonderful gift to give you!

  11. Great!! My youngest is in 9th grade this year. I still have a similar poem that he wrote in 2nd grade hanging on my refrigerator to remind me of why I push the school to give him the tools he needs. “I hope… to go to college someday. I fear… not being able to go to college.” It also gives me a good chuckle: “I wonder… why my Superman costume doesn’t have a cape.”

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