the juicy season


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So that was last night. Katie apparently missed the staff at the hospital and felt that it was time to say hi. She’s good like that. Doesn’t like to let too much time go by between visits.

Not to worry, the concussion is mild and, although she feels pretty awful, she is expected to make a full and speedy recovery. Hopefully she has just enough downtime for me to fashion a suit out of bubble wrap for her to wear the next time she leaves the house. Because as much as she seems to like these trips to the ER, I’ve kind of had my fill.

However, before Calamity Jane tangled with a hurdle, she was doing some pretty exciting stuff. Over the course of a couple of hours she had made her way to Paris. And Lyon. And Bordeaux. Well, sort of.

For her French class, she was asked to do a presentation on the weather. It had to include five different locales experiencing five different seasons. You caught that, right? Five seasons. (If you haven’t had your coffee yet, I’ll help you out – there are only four.) The last one was to be a season from her imagination.

The kids were given the option of presenting live in front of the class or creating a video. As you can see, little Miss chose door number two. Which is good, because now we get to see it. And, well, in typical Katie fashion, it’s not just your basic sixth grader standing nervously in front of a camera kinda video. It’s Katie. Being Katie. And, well, Katie being Katie is one of my favorite things in all the world.

I give you …

Madame Fromage with the weather ..


32 thoughts on “the juicy season

  1. Katie is amazing–no contest! She even has haad an amazing number of trips to the ER but thaat wasn’t the amazing I was referring to.

    Love that child (and you, too)!

  2. That was…well…I can’t think of the right word. Supercalafragilisticexpealadocious?? I have no idea if I spelled that right. Let’s just say that I laughed until I snorted…the oranges got me. Tell Katie that she spoke beautifully throughout the seasons!

  3. As someone who has spent time in France, I can say that her accent is VERY good! Great job, Madame Fromage!

    And no worries, mama. I myself spent a good bit of time in the ER as a kid (and adult…who am I kidding…). I have broken something on just about every appendage and I have an ear condition that makes my eardrums prone to rupturing. So, yeah, I have an “in” with the ER staff. It makes the wait time shorter. (I’ve gotta find a positive in it)

    For what it’s worth, for all of the time that I spent in the ER, I still made it to adulthood somehow, despite all of my attempts at the contrary.

  4. Oh my Lord!!! That is the most awesome…wonderful…..put a cheery on top kinda of great!!!! The snow and the oranges were my favorite!!! She had better get an A+.

  5. Now that was just…wow!…speechless…talented and very smart child you have there. I actually started to remember some of my French too! I felt like those 4 years in high school weren’t a complete loss.

    As for the ER visits, yeah, the docs at the Children’s hospital know our family very well. Not by the number of children, but by the fact that we have been there so many times as if there was a sale on candy!

  6. I think she’s going to win an Oscar some day!! Love her, she really does shine inside and out! Hopefully, the ER visits are all done and I hope she is feeling better soon!!…..GREAT JOB KATIE!!

  7. Tres bien faite, Mme Frommage!

    Make sure she can still make videos from the bubble wrap cocoon, that was wonderful 🙂

  8. C’est Magnifique! Look out Saturday Night Live… Here comes Katie! I can see Madame Fromage as a recurring character.

    (Thank you for sharing her with us!)

  9. Chère Madame Fromage, ta vidéo est géniale, bravo!!!!!!!!!

    Sais-tu qu’à Menton, sur la Méditerranée, il pleut des citrons et des oranges pour le carnaval? C’est vrai!!!
    Donc tu avais raison avec ta saison de jus d’orange 😀

    Si tu veux pratiquer ton français par Skype, ce serait rigolo! Ta maman (your mom) a mon adresse e-mail (= courriel) en français, demande-lui!

    Grosses bises, Madame Fromage, et au revoir!
    (French people kiss goodbye, as you know 😉 )

  10. That was pretty impressive. Je l’aimais beaucoup! Je ne sais pas si j’ai dit ca bien. J’aime practiquer mon francais aussi. Je suis retrouvee (?) un homme de France l’annee hier et j’ai pratique mon francais avec lui. Votre film etait terrifique! Je veux aller ou le printemps a un saison “juicy!” Il pleut l’orange…. Tres amusant!

    I have no idea how I remembered all that.. I am sure I could have gotten some words wrong and I had no accents to use. But the strangest thing is these words just come to me when I try to write French. Not so much when I try to speak it. But when I try to write it… I almost never do but it always comes back. Weird. J’ai etudiee le francais dans lycee pour quatre ans and seulement un semestre a l’universite. My conjugations are probably not correct but probably close enough!

    NOUS VOULONS PLUS DE FILMS DE KATIE! How did I remember the conjugation of nous and vouloir? English is so much simpler =)

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