Posted in April 2013

dear katie

Dear Katie, There’s so much I want to say to you. I can see you rolling your eyes at me – “Mama,” you’ll say, “you see me every day!” And yes, I do. But someday, if you have a child of your own, you’ll get this. This sense of urgency, of time slipping away like … Continue reading

katie’s clues

* I usually don’t let this much time pass before telling you about something. Typically, if I haven’t gotten around to it in a week and a half, it ain’t gonna happen. But I’m determined to tell you about this. In part because it was kind of awesome and I really want to remember it … Continue reading

my grandma – a success story

~ ~ That beautiful lady up there in between my girls is my grandmother. She is ninety-three years old, and although she tells me that she has begun to feel her age, she doesn’t show it. What she does show us – all of us, is how to live lives that we can hang our … Continue reading

nice brave fearless awesome

yesterday’s diary status * Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. ~ Robert Frost ~ At yesterday’s literacy morning, we were treated to the kids sharing their autobiographical poems with the class. They had been prompted to write about themselves, using a template provided by their teachers and … Continue reading

literacy morning

* This morning, we are headed to Brooke’s school for the fourth grade literacy morning. We will gather in the auditorium with the other parents, then split off to our children’s classrooms to play reading games with the kids. After years of pasting on a smile and struggling through various iterations of these mornings, I’ve … Continue reading

i tried

~ Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. ~ Michael Corleone * Note: What follows is drenched in sarcasm … * So there I was yesterday, perfectly happy being miserable. Taking a day to indulge in a good wallow in the futility of it all, spoon poised above the bowl, … Continue reading

too much

a gratuitous shot of my girl making a wish over her birthday cake this weekend  and within it, a photo of the same, taken from a different perspective I have too much to say this morning. There’s too much input. Too much to process. Too much out there that cries out for examination, analysis and … Continue reading

thank you

~ ed note: what follows is stream of consciousness. it’s not edited, so it’s not pretty. it leaves out a lot. but time is again short and i’d rather say it than not, so here goes.  * to those who try – and get it spectacularly wrong, (keep trying) to those who thoughtfully and respectfully … Continue reading

autism awarenessacceptanceaction day

Awareness * Yesterday, a pretty neat thing happened. I got word that I’d been named by Sharecare as one of their top ten *Social Health Makers*, described on the site as ‘the most influential people in health and wellness on the Web, literally driving “conversations on the leading edge.”‘ Following the announcement, I received rapid-fire … Continue reading