I wasn’t planning to write today. I was taking the day off. I am taking the day off. From work, from writing, from, well, everything except my kids.

But then this happened.

Just now.

And I need this in my Diary.

I need to never, ever forget this moment.

And this is why I write.


I went into Brooke’s room. I knew she was still asleep, but there’s no greater luxury than cuddling next to her in the morning, telling her that she doesn’t have to be up yet.

Soon, baby, but not yet.

I curled myself around her – her little sparrow body automatically finding and filling the space between us. I whispered into her ear, You don’t have to get up, baby. Soon, but not yet.

She turned her face to me. Eyes still closed. A smile. Ever so slight. Ever so serene. Unforced. No pretense. Unmistakable. A smile.

I love you so much, baby, I said. So very, very much.

I ran a fingertip around that beautiful face. That beautiful, incredible, perfect face.

You are smart.

Chin to nose.

And funny.

Nose to hairline.

And generous.

Tracing the line of those perfect cheeks.

And you can do anything.

A kiss.


And another.

She didn’t open her eyes.

But the smile never left.

Ever so slight. Ever so serene. Unforced. No pretense. Unmistakable.


A smile as she said,

So can you.

32 thoughts on “anything

  1. Nothing more beautiful……. I am so glad you shared it with us today! Now go back to doing nothing as planned!

  2. Enjoy your day! Thank you for the image you provided of a loving mother and her beautiful daughter. The front page of the newspaper was a tough read today and your post lifted my spirits.

  3. I think that I will have to remove myself from the auto send to my mail box feature. If I break down crying at work one more time after reading these posts they are going to send me for a psych referral.:-)

    So sweet, what a perfect way to start the day

  4. Wow – she’s tapped into a pretty wise wavelength… What beautiful start to your day.

    And you can. Anything. You can be exactly that woman, that mama, that being, that you want to be. Listen to the “couldn’ts” and “shouldn’ts” and, the “can’ts” and “you’ll nevers” that run through your internal dialogue. We all have them. Take a look at them. And recall your angel’s words… You can too.
    Enjoy your day! xo

  5. I remember my mom whispering in my ear that way, it will stay with her forever. So powerful and beautiful, thank you for sharing

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