Posted in May 2013

for mikaela, drew and owen

~ In honor of Mikaela Lynch, Drew Howell and Owen Black – and sent with love to the families who grieve the catastrophic loss of their angels. We are so, so incredibly sorry for your pain. We are in this together. It was June 13th, 2008. This was what I wrote. (edited slightly) She was … Continue reading

hands on

  Last night, my dear friend Judith posted the following on her personal Facebook page. I asked her this morning if she would be willing to let me share it with you. I am so grateful that she said yes. Please share it. With anyone and everyone who might listen. I”m begging. Because the judgement … Continue reading

what we told them – part two

*   Gratuitous photo of my beautiful daughter – because she’s what this is really about.  ~ Editor’s note: Please understand that the following is to the best of my recollection only. I had compiled some notes for the presentation, but veered off of them quite a bit, as I am wont to do, so I can … Continue reading

what we told them — part one

Click to enlarge ~ Last week, I had the honor of presenting a workshop at the Massachusetts Early Intervention Consortium along with Drs. Kelley Henry and Dena Shade-Monuteaux. At 8:30 on Thursday morning, we sat facing a lecture hall filled with Early Intervention professionals there to learn more about the diagnostic process from both the clinician and … Continue reading


~ I wasn’t planning to write today. I was taking the day off. I am taking the day off. From work, from writing, from, well, everything except my kids. But then this happened. Just now. And I need this in my Diary. I need to never, ever forget this moment. And this is why I … Continue reading

tired – a rant

* Ed note: What follows is a rant. A vent, if you will. It is not, despite evidence to the contrary, a cry for help. Promise.  * She said the girl I was with the business degree probably wouldn’t recognize me. I was gonna run the bank. I was gonna run the math. Now all … Continue reading


~ I swear I won’t keep talking about roller skating. I promise. But you’re going to have indulge just one more post on the topic. Here’s why. The other day, a reader left a comment on Diary’s Facebook page in response to my post about a classmate’s surprise that Brooke was able to roller skate. This is … Continue reading