age twelve in three pictures


I have so much to say about this child.

I could talk for days about how much I love her.

About how proud I am to be her mama.

About how blessed I feel to be able to watch her grow and change — to see her, in her own unique way, taking the world by storm.

I could tell you how she makes me laugh every day.

Every single day.

And belly laugh, the real kind.

Like last night when I told her that if she didn’t stop poking me I was going to take that little finger of hers and put it where the sun don’t shine and she looked right back at me and without a second’s hesitation said, “What, like Seattle?”

I could tell you how we collapsed into a fit of giggles and I just wanted to hug her until next Thursday.

I could tell you what a gift it is to watch your child take your sense of humor, filter it through her razor-sharp mind, and deliver it back to you — perfected.

I could tell you how talented she is, how compassionate, how genuine and generous.

I could tell you that she’s moody, can’t clean her room to save her life and has being a wise-ass down to a science.

Or — I could just show you three pictures that I took of her on Saturday night.

And I won’t need to say another word.

I give you twelve .. .

in three frames.







Yup, I’d say that sums it up.

My hilarious










I love her more than salty french fries on the beach.

(And that’s a lot.)

14 thoughts on “age twelve in three pictures

  1. Love those photos!! You have captured her perfectly. You will look back and be so glad you have all of your photos…they bring smiles!!

  2. Wow! I remember twelve for me being zitty! And usually awkward – being so pretty is not so typical. Hey…when my daughter was 12, she encountered me in the hall going to her little bro’s room. I said, “Good Morning.” She said, “Nyah! No it’s not! You are so judgmental!” and slammed her bedroom door. (She later explained that SHE would decide if her morning was good or not, not me! When I explained that the usual meaning of Good Morning is wishing someone that, not informing them, she looked suspicious.) Enjoy! (And that’s wishing you enjoyment, not an order.)

  3. Gorgeous, fabulous daughter you have there… 🙂 But I should warn you… that second look….doesn’t seem to be limited to 12. I’ve seen it on my 20 year old’s face as well (guess she’s had 8 years to perfect it… 🙂

  4. the kidlet here still plays some of the apps she recommended, so she also has some serious tech wisdom. she’s just an all around smartie.

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