Posted in June 2013

to heal

* Three random photos from our visit to Hoboken on Sunday. Why? Because this is where I come to heal. To remember to believe. To restore my faith. And my Faith. And to refuel for the journey ahead. Because it is long. Because it will not be easy. Because we cannot relent. This is where … Continue reading

how do we get from here to there

* ~ My Facebook status tonight ~ There is a TED talk that has been making its way around the Internet like wild-fire. Or perhaps just around my little neighborhood in Internet Town. But it seems to be everywhere I turn. A friend sent it to me via Twitter, another by e-mail. A third posted … Continue reading

on being heard – with barb rentenbach

* As you may recall, last week was an eventful one here at Diary. The Reader’s Digest version goes something like this … I wrote a post called Rethinking Functional Behavior and the Tyranny of Made-up Deadlines. In that post, I cited my new favorite author and friend, Barb Rentenbach. In so doing, I unwittingly … Continue reading

sesame place

Disclaimer:  I have something to tell you, guys. Have a seat, this isn’t going to be easy for me to say and it might be even harder to hear.  I used you.  Yep, I brazenly, callously used you. I swear it was the first time.  But I can’t promise that it will be the last. … Continue reading

to my sister, with love

~ Ed note: My name is Jess. My sister’s name is also Jess. I know. Just go with it.  Ed other note: We call each other Darryl. Because “This is my brother Darryl. This is my other brother Darryl.” If you’re not old enough to get the reference, look it up. Ed last note because … Continue reading

the silence of our friends

There will always be those who are unable to see beyond their own limited parameters of what qualifies as communication, but there will also, thank God, be people like Barb [Rentenbach] (and Carly Fleischmann and countless others), who continue to show us what is possible when we are willing and able to open our minds. … Continue reading

age twelve in three pictures

* I have so much to say about this child. I could talk for days about how much I love her. About how proud I am to be her mama. About how blessed I feel to be able to watch her grow and change — to see her, in her own unique way, taking the … Continue reading

to be — and to let be

. The thing is, she knows that there are things that she can do here that she can’t do outside – or at least she’s learning that. But I just can’t take away the things that help her relax at home just because they may not be functional or appropriate outside of home. Does that … Continue reading