Posted in July 2013


Katie in Central Park – Photo by Grandpa DD * Monday night “Mama,” she says, nearly breathless, “I have a GREAT book for you to read.” She sets it down on the bookshelf in front of which I’m thumbing through the latest best seller. I recognize it immediately. “Remember, Mama?” she says, “I LOVED this … Continue reading

quality time

Yes, it’s George Clooney. It’s relevant; trust me. Just go with it. * Last night, a reader told me how much she envies the quality time that I spend with my girls. Lisa, this is for you. ~ Last Thursday. It’s nearly 10 pm. Okay, maybe it’s only 9:30, but it might as well be … Continue reading

ISDs – know the signs

Ed note: The following is a spoof based on the DSM’s diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) 1 provides standardized criteria to help diagnose ISDs (Ignorance Spectrum Disorders). Diagnostic Criteria for 608.00 Ignorance Spectrum Disorder as related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others: Six … Continue reading


  *  One by one, she pulled the horses out of the box. She laid them carefully on the floor next to it, then immediately began the process of putting them back in. I sat with her. I didn’t speak. I watched. One big horse. One little one. One big horse. One little one. And … Continue reading

you’re okay now

Two of Brooke’s horses Katie and I had been at the grocery store. We’d been gone for an hour, tops. As I set the groceries on the kitchen counter, I heard Luau’s voice. “Someone’s asking if Mama can come upstairs!” he said. Something wasn’t right. It was too sing-songy, too falsely upbeat. It was the … Continue reading


Journalists camped outside of St Mary’s Hospital in London For weeks, the eyes of the world have been on Great Britain. We all, even those of us for whom the royals are a mystery, waited with bated breath for the Duchess to deliver an heir to the throne. The royal family is undeniably interesting, but Kate and William … Continue reading

note to self

My sweet girl, Of all the things that I passed on to you, this might be one of the hardest for me to bear. Because it was not genetic, not immutable; it was purely by choice. Or choices. Thousands upon thousands of seemingly unimportant choices that created a mindset around how you value your body. … Continue reading

unusually not tall

“I’m not short. I’m just unusually not tall.” ― Hyesungie * Okay people, I have something HUGE to share with you. It goes like this. I’m short. No, that’s not the revelation. That’s the background. Stay with me, friends. I’m really short. Short enough that when I was little (okay, when I was younger), my … Continue reading

expression is not existence revisited

Have you seen this? Scientific American: The Right Incentive Can Erase an Autism Deficit It’s a little dusty now, but it’s gotten much less press than I’d have expected – or hoped. The Sally-Anne test has been in desperate need of an overhaul, or at the very least a broadly recognized critical rebuttal for years. While … Continue reading


It came out of nowhere. Having never heard it before last week, it is now a constant in her repertoire. It has become a go-to in her box of tools. It’s brilliant, really. Not only is she using it as a device to buy processing time, but as a legitimate request for a repeat of words that she … Continue reading