sister love



My sister is the one person who truly knows me, as I know her. The last thing May says to me is ‘When our hair is white, we’ll still have our sister love.” ― Lisa See, Shanghai Girls

Katie is leaving for the Red Sox game with her dad. Brooke and I are upstairs in the guest room cum play room cum storage room cum Dear God this room is a mess room. Brooke is ensconced in the window seat, reading Ten In The Bed, impervious to, if not rather comfortable in, the chaos around her.

Katie comes up to say goodbye. She gives me a hug, then yells over her shoulder as she walks toward the door.

“Love you Brooke.”

Brooke responds quietly, her nose in the cardboard book.

“I’ll miss you. Katie.”

Katie doesn’t hear her. She continues to walk toward the door.

Brooke says it again.

“I’ll miss you, Katie.”

Katie stops and turns around, then takes a couple of steps back toward her sister. She stops, still a few feet away.

“I’ll miss you too, Brooke,” she says. “Do you want a hug or no?”

“Let’s do this,” Brooke says, wrapping her arms around herself.

Katie stands where she is and follows suit. They each now have their own arms wrapped around their own shoulders.

Katie drops her arms to her sides and smiles. None of this is momentous to her. It just is.

“See ya, Brooke,” she says.

“See ya, Katie,” Brooke responds, her nose already back in the book.

Across the room, their Mama sits on the bed in awe of her children, knowing how incredibly blessed she is to have them and wondering if they have any idea just how lucky they are to have each other.

12 thoughts on “sister love

  1. Jess, I know how you feel about the sister love…we have sibling love for our Jeff and we know how blessed we are. Tom and Ali will ALWAYS be there for their brother. They are very special people with big, compassionate hearts. I think kids with special needs siblings grow up differently than “normal” families, whatever that means. They are caring and sensitive and I know your Katie is just like that.

  2. Just beautiful! Makes me wish our daughter had a sister, she is sandwiched in the middle of four brothers. However there is just something special about the “older”(18 months difference)sister to our Autistic son. She can calm him sometimes when nobody else can. A lot of people ask us if we regret having so many children (5) since Cullen’s diagnosis, like he would be better off with more one on one from his parents. First,we had already had all 5 kids before things got tough with him and honestly I take so much comfort in knowing there are 4 other people in this world ,besides my husband and I who totally “get” Cullen.

  3. They may not appreciate it yet, but they will, and it will grow with them as they encounter life and its bumps and turns. With your guidance they won’t compete but rather, love one another as you love them.
    Good work Mama!!
    Love you,

  4. They are just too perfect for each other! They are the best sisters two girls can have. I see flickers of love like this between Princess & Silly, Buddy & Baby Girl, Bug & Monkey – its funny how they have paired themselves up among each other 6 siblings and each with their perfect match. Just love it!

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