3 thoughts on “a wish for the bride — on huffington post

  1. I tried to put this comment on the Huff Po but it didn’t go. I will try again later. I figured, (if you don’t mind), that I’d leave it here too though.

    I will never understand how a parent can hate something they don’t understand more than they love their child and want their child to be happy.

    This is my fave part of what you wrote … “because there is joy in seeing one’s child in love. There is pride in knowing that she is adored. There is fulfillment in seeing her happy.”

    So true and so easily missed even though it seems obvious. And it applies to lots of situations. Your child marrying someone of the same sex, a different religion, without a college degree, with children already, tattooed and pierced … whatever. I know from personal experience. It sucks and it shouldn’t be that way.

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