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I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook yesterday: I don’t have the words to tell you how big this is. Every year, I’ve had to pull Brooke in a trailer behind my bike. This year, at ten, it just wasn’t going to happen. Last year, we tried an alley cat. She shrieked like, well, an … Continue reading

team brooke 2013/14

Ed note: Yes, I do this every year. And yes, it’s a pain in the arse to write. But I think it’s worth the time. I believe that writing to the people who will work with my child and referring to them as a team matters. I believe that telling them who she is and … Continue reading


* Okay, so I had planned to write about Nantucket today. About how excited I am for the trip tomorrow and blah, blah and blah. Actually, I DID write about it. But it’s going to stay put for now, nice and comfy cozy in my drafts folder. The reason that I’m not posting what I … Continue reading

fun with spam

Mmmmm, Spam.   So just for today, I thought we could do something kind of different. You see, I get a lot of spam here at Diary. The folks at WordPress are kind enough to filter it so that most spam doesn’t see the light of day, which is nice. But every once in a … Continue reading

mama’s watch

* I’d been coveting it for ages. I went to visit it periodically, stopping into Tourneau Corner on my way home from work. The attendants came to know me, to smile at me when I came in, to let me try it on, to smile at me again as I left without it. I don’t … Continue reading

the message it sends

Last Sunday, Brooke and I went to the beach. It was just the two of us, and it was awesome. I wrote about it HERE. On the way home from the beach, Mama was tired. Tired enough that I began to worry about myself on the highway. So I told Brooke we were making a … Continue reading

invisible strings

So I have this friend. A guy who goes by M Kelter. It’s kind of a funny friendship, I suppose, as we’ve only actually met once. But that’s never seemed to matter much. He was one of the first autistic people who I came to know through these here Interwebz.  His story, when I came into … Continue reading


Yesterday * Spring, 1993 I am lying on Tar Beach, a precariously angled little spit of roof outside my friend, Heather’s dorm room. As soon as the weather cooperated, the girls began climbing through the window with four-packs of cold Zima’s and a boom box — all we needed to sit and watch the world … Continue reading

what you’re missing

Ed note: I submitted the following to Huff Po a while back. I was told that it was being held for use as a feature, but I have no idea when it might be published. Since I suck at waiting, I’m posting it here in the meantime. When / if it turns up there, I’ll … Continue reading