loving ourselves

I put the following up on Diary’s Facebook page this weekend but I’m posting it here too. Because not enough can possibly be made of the second to last line and it needs to be said again.

And again.

I’ve taken the liberty of bolding it.

I’d shout it from the rooftops if I could.

It’s brilliant.

And simple.

Just like truth always turns out to be.

Far, far less complicated than we like to try to make it.

So even if you already read it, I’d like to ask you to do so again.


Here goes.


As a kid I could never accept who I was.

As an adult, I hope everyone reading this knows there is hope …

There will be struggles along the way as we progress and evolve, but it’s important to remember to accept yourself for who you are and to love yourself for who you are.

Regardless if it’s autism, another disability or another obstacle, anything really, the advice I can give is to never underestimate yourself and what you can do. Build off your strengths but also build on being comfortable in your own skin.

So parents, self-advocates, experts and readers, please remember …

“Loving yourself for you” is how we give permission to ourselves to love others and to go out into this world to do amazing things. It’s what we need right now and what we will need in the future.

Nothing will or could ever beat love.

– Kerry Magro, Autistic advocate, from his book Defining Autism From the Heart: From Nonverbal to National Speaker

shared with permission


You saw that, right?

Loving ourselves for who WE are is how we give permission to ourselves to love others (and to do amazing things.)




Thank you, Kerry.

P.S. I’d dare to add, if I may be so bold, that it’s also how we give permission to others to love themselves too and then to do amazing things too. Just sayin’. 

5 thoughts on “loving ourselves

  1. Not enough can be made of that, you’re right, and NECBM of you saying that. If you want to “Wil-ize” it, then you say, “Nothing could be more made…”

    • or, “holy hell of god, nothing could be more made.”

      and i firmly believe that the world would be a better place if we wilized it in its entirety.

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