back to school


First day of school – fifth and seventh grades.

I tried to pick just one.

But …


An isolated snapshot, just like a single blog post, doesn’t stand a chance of telling the story of my girls.










Wishing all of our delicious kids a wonderful school year.

May they grow and stretch and learn.

May they find the people who value them for who they are and believe in what they can do.

May we work WITH them toward the same goals, not wasting their or our precious energy working AGAINST each other.

Together, may we help our children begin to have faith in themselves, to know there is nothing they cannot do with the right support.

May they be fulfilled and may they be HAPPY.

May 2013 / 2014 be their best year yet.

14 thoughts on “back to school

  1. Beautiful pics, and I love the sentiment at the bottom. We’ve got newly minted 6th/7th graders as of this Monday, with new schools for each. When did that happen?

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