stop the presses


Ed note: The post that I had planned for today has been preempted.

Why? Because I have an overwhelming need to shout this from the highest rooftop I can find.

I’d apologize for repeating myself, but, well, I try to keep it honest around here and the truth of the matter is … I’m not really even a tiny little bit sorry.

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 6.06.57 AM

And yes.

I’m STILL smiling.

17 thoughts on “stop the presses

    • Yes, delay not deficit. To me it’s even more than that. It means an autistic kid may keep their child brain longer – that child brain with it’s amazing capacity to learn new things and make new connections. If you keep that kind of brain well into your twenties, the possibilities are truly limitless. Not deficit, but maybe even the opposite.

      • Good point. I often get called “childish” in simple and subtle ways (like getting really excited about receiving a postcard with foreign stamps, or looking at snowflakes to see the different patterns). But I also seem to have a far easier time learning new things than most people. So maybe your estimate of “into your twenties” needs to be adjusted upwards. πŸ˜‰

    • definitely not a defecit, but if i may be so bold, i don’t think ‘delay’ is truly accurate either. autism is a ‘dis-order’, which means, to my mind, that progress can, and often does, happen in a totally different order than one might expect to see in a differently wired person. for me, the concept of “delay” implies that it’s just a slower journey down the same road, while i tend to think that we’re on a delightfully different road altogether. more on this here ..

      • this quote from my recent post, “what my daughter is not doing” sums it all up pretty well ..

        Her brain is wired differently than the average bear. It just is. As such, her development is not linear. It’s not simply a slower journey along a prescribed path. Instead, it’s a walk down a whole different road that’s really not a line at all, but a prism – a constellation of challenges and talents that make her who she is.


      • Yes, that is a better explanation. I do think of myself as delayed in some bits but in others I’ve often been ahead of everyone else. Mind though, I don’t think of my delays as a bad thing. It just means I do it thoughtfully and carefully.

  1. As I read your Facebook post last night, I thought about how (at least as it applies to me and the way I think) I rarely notice what my children aren’t doing (things which most folks would consider typical) until they actually do it for the first time. THEN I have those moments like you just had. We have been having a bunch of them lately, with both of our girls…and it has been breath-taking. I am with you on the HOPE parade, Mama!

  2. So awesome! And I have my own HUGE to share. Cymbie, a few months short of 6, just asked her *first* question EVER over the weekend. I was making cupcakes for Ainsley’s 2nd Birthday party. She came up to me all excited, and said, ” Can I have one?” I was floored! This is so awesome! I can’t wait for the “whys”. The wait makes it sooo much sweeter. I love it! Thanks for sharing. And no, I will NEVER give up hope! πŸ™‚

  3. You should keep smiling because there will be many other reasons to come in the future. Just keep doing what the team in that home has been doing…
    Love you all,

  4. This is wonderful; but I think what touches me just as much are the comments from “Mom” and “Dad” on this post. How amazingly lucky Brooke is to have so many sources of support.

  5. Wow…and how much sweeter it is after just recently being reminded that it hadn’t happened for her yet. If not for the harsh reminder at Katie’s open house, perhaps it wouldn’t have been so much on the radar screen for you both, and these “whys” could have slipped in without as much fanfare. Now the whole internet is celebrating with you! πŸ˜‰

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