Posted in September 2013

what i told her

– A friend called the other day to talk about some concerns that she had about her daughter’s schooling. She told me that her kiddo is in third grade, and explained that she was particularly concerned given that she has been told that third-grade is the most crucial of the elementary years. It was, she … Continue reading

ten minutes in

Editor’s note: My daughter didn’t write this. I did. It’s a guess. A guess as to what it feels like to be inside her head. A guess based on years upon years of watching her, listening to her and collecting and piecing together every clue she has offered, in whatever way she offered them. You … Continue reading


Every year on September 11th, I struggle with what to do here on Diary. With how to remember the lost and celebrate the quiet heroism that we saw that God-awful day twelve years ago. With how to honor the victims of the horrific acts of evil, and ultimately, of cowardice. I’ve thought briefly about going dark. About … Continue reading

finding her calm

Our cousin Kai-Lan Last night, homework was hell for my girl. The kind of hell that includes shrieking and foot-stomping and yelling, “I’m feeling really MAD today!” The kind of hell where no matter how calm I managed to stay, it just didn’t seem to help. The kind of hell where no amount of soothing … Continue reading

what my daughter is not doing

* Captain Brooke  – My daughter is doing well. The beginning of her fifth grade year has been smoother than I ever could have hoped. Yeah, I know I’m tempting fate by saying it out loud. Screw it. I’m shouting from the mountaintops — MY  KID IS DOING WELL. Her language is blossoming. She asks … Continue reading

yes, virginia, this is a metaphor

Yeah, that. “Is this the summit, crowning the day? How cool and quiet! We’re not exultant; but delighted, joyful; soberly astonished. . . Have we vanquished an enemy? None but ourselves. Have we gained success? That word means nothing here. Have we won a kingdom? No. . . and yes. We have achieved an ultimate … Continue reading

like everyone else

– Brooke and Katie, ‘Sconset 2013 – Katie and I are walking down South Beach Street, headed toward town. She’s telling me about a new favorite book, I Funny. These are the moments – the ones when she starts talking, really talking. Yes, these are the moments I grasp onto by my fingernails now. Her … Continue reading

back to school

* First day of school – fifth and seventh grades. I tried to pick just one. But … Really? An isolated snapshot, just like a single blog post, doesn’t stand a chance of telling the story of my girls.       Wishing all of our delicious kids a wonderful school year. May they grow … Continue reading

of dogs, earrings, and faith

* My girl was terrified of dogs. I don’t mean that she was afraid of them. I don’t mean that they made her nervous. I mean that she was TERRIFIED of dogs. Her body would begin to tremble involuntarily at first sight. Her hands would contort into claws. Adrenaline would course through her body urging … Continue reading