Posted in October 2013

godspell at bc – part one

– Three years ago, Brooke saw her beloved Godspell live for the first time. Then, just as last night, we were blessed by the generosity of a cast and crew who made their show accessible to our family by opening their dress rehearsal to us. Then, just as last night, it was nothing less than … Continue reading


. The conclusion is that both emotional poverty and an aversion to company are not symptoms of autism but consequences of autism, its harsh lockdown on self-expression and society’s near pristine ignorance about what’s happening inside autistic heads. – David Mitchell, Introduction to The Reason I Jump .. We are not hiding. You search with … Continue reading

small things

  – I’m in my closet, trying to find the top that goes with this damned skirt. This one? No, this one is too long. Where the heck is it? Brooke shouts from her room. “Mama! Come be with me!” Those words. I’ll never, ever, EVER tire of those words. I call back. “I’m on … Continue reading

rethinking independence – with amy sequenzia

* I speak a lot about the impact that autistic adults have had on my life, and in turn, on my children’s lives. I write often about the invaluable insights that I have gained from my conversations with those who so generously share their own experiences and so freely offer up their unique perspectives, so often dramatically different from … Continue reading

where are you, sweet boy?

  Where are you, sweet boy? The heart of this entire community aches for you. Everyone keeps talking about your family. How much they must be hurting. And yes, my God, yes. Absolutely, truly, unfathomably yes. I pray with them.  I stand with them, here and in my heart. I absorb their pain and swallow it … Continue reading


I was about to get into the shower when Luau came to find me. I normally would have kept moving as time was short, but something in his voice stopped me cold. There was a quiet urgency in the way that he said my name. Something wasn’t right. “I don’t have any details,” he said, … Continue reading


On Monday night, I wrote this … Brooke has been talking about Ms Nick incessantly. She’s been asking us what it means to retire. Telling us again and again that Ms Nick doesn’t work at her school anymore. That she went to visit Paris when she was all done working. That she misses her. Last … Continue reading


.. she’s right here can’t you see her? do you remember snuffleupagus? for years, he was invisible until he wasn’t only big bird could see him and then we all could i never knew why now we stand here with my daughter between us and i wonder if i’m big bird to her snuffleupagus because … Continue reading

what i believe

* Good morning, my friends. Last night, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page: This morning, that number was 17,163. I have no idea what to say. Well, other than, “Welcome,” to those who have just joined the party. People often ask me, when they’re first starting a blog or a group or a … Continue reading