godspell at bc – part one

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Three years ago, Brooke saw her beloved Godspell live for the first time.

Then, just as last night, we were blessed by the generosity of a cast and crew who made their show accessible to our family by opening their dress rehearsal to us.

Then, just as last night, it was nothing less than magic.

I’ll write more about the evening tomorrow, but for now, I offer up the stories from three years ago. The background, and the first show, after which I’d written this –

It wasn’t until yesterday morning that I saw the status that Luau had put up on his Facebook page on Sunday night. He had written, “For three hours tonight, life felt .. typical.”

I had a very different experience. While I don’t take anything at all away from his sentiment, I have to say it was nothing like mine. For me, the night was anything BUT typical. He later told me that he felt like autism wasn’t there. That for three ecstatic hours, it had receded into the background and blessedly, finally, just didn’t matter.

For me, autism was front and center that night. Autism was part of what made the whole thing what it was. There is nothing in our world that compares to Brooke’s pervasive and abiding love of Godspell. Sure, Katie loves Taylor Swift and a show would be a hoot. But does she listen to her EVERY day, google her, watch clips of her EVERY chance she gets? Does she draw pictures of her in Halloween costumes, at the dinner table, riding on a rocket ship? Does she talk about her, reference her, create games and scripts and whole worlds around her? Is she literally imbedded in every aspect of her life? No.

I can think of nothing that comes close.

If Brooke were not who she is – autism and all – that experience would never have been what it was. For her nor for us. While I’m not ready to say that I’m grateful for autism in and of itself, I am deeply thankful that within it there are moments like this. Moments of grace, moments of joy, moments when judgement is replaced by generosity and kindness and the world comes together to make something wonderful happen for a little girl who deserves nothing less.

Godspell Part One – The Background

Godspell Part Two – The Show

And if you just haven’t gotten enough after all of that, I give you the story of our trip to New York to the Broadway Revival …

Prepare Ye

The Seed Time

The Harvest – Part One

The Harvest – Part Two

Beautiful City



9 thoughts on “godspell at bc – part one

  1. I can’t wait for more. I’m new to your blog and Facebook page. I was moved to tears as I read the entire backstory of Godspell. The way you write pulls the audience in and allows us to feel the very real emotions you’ve experienced. I have a stepson on the Autism spectrum. He is high functioning, but it is glaringly obvious that the social awkwardness has an enormous effect on him. He also has ADHD. My family, while accepting, struggle to understand the everyday (for the rest if his life) difficulties he faces. My mother, just last week asked me if I thought he Woolf be able to function outside of our house when he is older. We were at her house for a birthday party and my stepson does his own thing. He doesn’t play with the other kids (including my girls). He plays with shiny pom poms, and flicks dead leaves off her plants. At home, he’s completely different. His mist recent obsession has been Ghost Hunters. I have no doubt in my mind, that he will be fine and will be able to be on his own. He will need structure and routine. But he will be fine in his own way. Anyway, thank you for sharing your life with us. I look forward to reading more!

  2. To me, it’s all “proof” of my theory that people with autism are changing the spiritual fabric of our society, they are forcing us to re-examine and re-prioritize – everything!

    BTW, I am wondering what you and Luau think of this new theory of mine: parents of special-needs kids have an unfair advantage in marathons, and the like, we can gut it out, endure, take the good with the bad, rejoice in the successes, etc., because every day is a “marathon.”

    • well, let’s see, our children have taught us to ..

      celebrate milestones whenever we reach them

      prize the journey above the destination

      pace ourselves

      be energized by the smallest vicotries in pursuit of the largest goals

      ask for help

      enlist entire teams for support

      root for each other, keeping each other strong when we hit a wall along the way

      stay calm when the sh-t hits the fan

      know that set-backs won’t destroy us

      yeah, i’d say we’ve got the marathon down



  3. This story was great. I read the entire story with links today and it moved me to tears. I was glad I was at home and not in the carpool line like I usually am when I read your blog. My non-verbal 5 year old son has an emerging conection to music, and in particular the music from the Nutcracker. I may have to follow your lead and find a dress rehearsal to take him to. He could never sit through a full performance without disturbing those around him, but I think he needs to exeprience the joy he gets from hearing the music in person.

  4. the first godspell event was one of the best things ever, just loved reading about her having such a positive experience. can’t wait to hear about this new event…yay for brooke! and yay for these awesome people who helped make this possible for her.

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