Posted in October 2013

a day at the faire

            Yesterday, we went to King Richard’s Faire. As much as Brooke hates crowds, she loves fairs. Mostly because she adores rides. And we heard there were rides. So we thought it was worth a try. Especially on a three-day weekend when the crowds would be a bit lighter than … Continue reading

a river in africa

Last night, a reader wrote the following on Diary’s Facebook page: I am recently new to following you and you are so much like myself. I have to ask , how long did it take for you to face things straight on? I know that we all try to not face facts for awhile and … Continue reading

i’m here

My sweet friend, I miss you. And that’s okay. I can keep on missing you if space is truly what you need. Because friendship waits. And fills the spaces. And takes no notice of the passage of time. So if space is what you need, then it’s all yours. But I’m worried. I’m worried about … Continue reading


Disclosure. Telling our kids about their diagnoses. I talk about it a lot. Because I believe in it. I believe that knowledge is power and knowledge of oneself is the greatest tool imaginable. I believe in honoring truth, both fundamental and individual. I believe that withholding truth creates secrets and secrets imply shame. I believe that our … Continue reading

what i want to tell you

* Oh, my friends, I have so much that I want to tell you. I have seventeen posts rattling around in my head and forty minutes in which to write them all. I want to tell you about the walk yesterday. About how incredibly, ludicrously proud I am of both of my girls. I want … Continue reading

my story

A conversation I would not have believed possible such a short time ago. Impossible … isn’t. June, 2006 … I push my back into the leather car seat. Harder, then harder still. I’m desperately seeking resistance, solidity, anything that will somehow hold me in, tether me to the earth, transform the overwhelming emotion I’m feeling … Continue reading


Yesterday Yeah, I’m sick. I left work in the middle of the day yesterday, which I never do, but staying upright was becoming a challenge. I came home, had some soup, and went to bed. But not before telling Luau at least twelve times that I felt like crap. And that my throat hurt. A … Continue reading

and always carry a magic wand

Okay, I’ve been trying to get this post up for nearly two weeks. I do NOT have time this morning. Like at all. But I’m not so good at taking no for an answer, even from myself, so I’m going to do this if it kills me. We have four minutes, kids. Hang on tight. … Continue reading