Posted in November 2013

veteran’s day

I wrote the following, and published it here on Diary, two years ago. Although I might change some of the wording today, the messages remain the same – deep, abiding gratitude, prayers for the end of war, and a promise to keep trying to make it better. * Photo from US Army News Photo credit … Continue reading

one pale thin ray

– Katie has signed up to sing in her school’s talent show next week. As if to prove that the thread of Godspell really does weave itself into the fabric of everything that this family does, she’s chosen to sing Beautiful City. We downloaded the sheet music earlier this week so that she could learn … Continue reading

godspell part two: in god

  Brooke’s Godspell Guys, getting ready to go to the play Please click HERE for the back story. I have a confession. It’s about the Godspell post. I know I promised that I’d tell you about the play. And I’m usually pretty good at keeping  my word, right? (Say right.) But here we are, over … Continue reading

words fail

Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to hurt you, or save you. – Natsuki Takaya I don’t know how to sufficiently explain it. I know that for many parents, the daily grind of school-drop off and pick up is mind-numbing at best and a minefield of combustible social interactions at worst. … Continue reading

the play

Yup, still owe you the Godspell post. Nope, this still isn’t it. Moving on …  – It’s Friday night. Luau has generously postponed his trip to New York for the marathon until the morning so that Katie and I can spend the evening together. We are in the car on our way to dinner after a … Continue reading

the mama rule

– Ed note: Be warned, the following is unedited due to time constraints. Godspeed.  Okay, guys, I know I owe you the second half of the Godspell post. And I’ll get to it; I swear. But in the meantime, the conveyor belt in my head is backing up with blog posts and well, I kinda … Continue reading