Posted in December 2013

unwrapping the gifts

It is October of 2008. I am sitting across the table from John Robison, having dinner. It is the first time we have met. He is speaking about the “gifts” of autism. He is telling me that he knows that with “little ones like [mine] it can be hard to spot the gifts, unlike it … Continue reading

face time

face time

For a thousand reasons, Brooke is not a fan of the telephone. Although we’ve now managed to log a handful of successful conversations over the years, the most likely outcome of a phone call is still something like this … “Hi, Mama.” “Hi, Brooke! How are you?” “Gotta go now, bye.” Although that last sentence … Continue reading


From October, 2009 … “Brooke, Mama has to go on a trip tomorrow.” “You do?” “Yes, honey, I do. I have to get on a plane and fly far away.” “You do?” “Yes, I do. I’m going to Texas.” “You are?” “Yes, I am. I have to go there to do some work.” “You do?” … Continue reading

the autism prism

Yesterday, a friend told me about an incredible conversation that she had had with her Autistic niece. The girl, like Brooke, is ten, soon to be eleven. The conversation is not mine to share, but truthfully, the details don’t really matter anyway. What matters for this post is that it left me feeling something. Something … Continue reading