59 seconds


Warning: the purposefully run-on sentences that you are about to read violate nearly every known rule of grammar and really don’t even make a lot of sense. I’m too excited to care.

Brooke made a phone call last night. Like completely, totally, 100% independently. So independently that I didn’t even know she was doing it until I heard her say, “Hullo?” as soon as the phone starred started ringing on the other end and then, “Hullo?” again while it was still ringing and then, well, you get the idea but holy crap on toast, people, she MADE A PHONE CALL and the person that she chose to call was a FRIEND and yeah, the friend happens to be ten years older than her (which at ten is twice her age) but the connection of their autism and their shared view of the world and the number of things they both like and well, it all just trumps age and she was THRILLED that Brooke called and oh my God I still can’t get over this, my kid called a friend on the phone and the 59 seconds that they talked to each other before Brooke said, “I’m all done now, bye,” was just something to behold and all of this stuff that I’m always rambling on about – the autistic community awaiting our kids and the connection that autism can create and the way that the knowledge that others are out there provides an antidote to feelings of isolation – it was all there last night during the 59 seconds that my girl reached into the ether and made her very first phone call EVER to a young woman twice her age and halfway across the country who couldn’t possibly have been happier to take that call and, well, I’m trying to be profound here but really all I can say is, “Holy %?!$ my daughter made a phone call to a FRIEND!”

Ed note: When I asked Brooke this morning if it was okay for me to write about her phone call to C last night, she paused the Godspell music just long enough to say, “Yeah because I wanted to say, “Hello,” to her and so I did that.” Yup.

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