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the secret

{image is a closeup photo of a woman’s lips with her finger touching them as if to say, “Shhh, it’s a secret} Over the weekend, I found myself in a pretty deep conversation with a fellow autism mama, as you do. Spanning everything from a comparative analysis of major religions, a lament of the far too … Continue reading

are autism awareness days a good thing?

{Image is a photo of Elmo and Maria talking to a firefighter from Elmo Visits the Firehouse} Last week, a reader had a question. I tend to try to answer questions quickly and move on, but this one didn’t lend itself to either a quick answer or to moving on. This was what she asked. … Continue reading

of leaky eyes and privacy

– Ed note: Before I write anything this morning, I have to acknowledge your incredible comments on yesterday’s post. As I wrote on Diary’s Facebook page,  I don’t have the words to thank you all for your support today. (And I always have words.) But I’ve got nothing big enough, broad enough, deep enough to … Continue reading

seeking light

I’d had a post planned for this morning, but I got derailed on the way to it. I made the mistake of scrolling through my Facebook news feed, you see, and, well, things are kinda ugly out there. I have a lot of friends, on Facebook and otherwise, who don’t take kindly to racism and … Continue reading



 {image is a mosaic of different images that form a beautiful, colorful, vibrant heart on a multicolored background} On Saturday morning, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page: The other day, I heard a man on tv say, “How do I explain to my kids if they see two dads walking their kid to … Continue reading

love not fear – flashblog

It’s a flashblog, y’all! What it is: The “Love Not Fear” Flashblog What it means: (from the LNF site): A flashblog is a day when a group of people share their thoughts about a single topic. What they asked for: Tell us what “Love not fear” means to you. You can write a paragraph or a blog … Continue reading

full circle love

– Valentines Day in The Wilson household 5:30 am I sneak into the basement to get the goods that I’ve been hiding there since yesterday. I place this guy at Brooke’s seat at the kitchen table.   {image of the red and white stuffed puppy who sings “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” as his ears flap. … Continue reading

lo hicimos

lo hicimos

{Image is a snapshot of the USA Today headline “Obama to include disabled workers in minimum wage order.” Click on the image to read the story} {image of the President signing the Executive Order} We did this, friends. Our voices were heard. The federal government acknowledged that equality is equality, without exception. That the effort … Continue reading

extraordinary, continued

extraordinary, continued

1:2 Specialized Yoga class – April, 2012 Becky’s Mom, Mary and I are sitting in the lobby waiting for our girls. We’ve struck up a chat with another mom, there with her two children – both on the spectrum. Mary is telling her how before we arrived, Becky was worried that Brooke might not be … Continue reading