just right

After a whopping three hours of sleep last night, I woke up this morning and decided I might as well finish a Diary post that I had started yesterday. The post demanded a picture of Brooke, so I began scrolling through the (literally) thousands of snapshots in my phone in search of just the right one. What I came upon in my search had nothing to do with that post, but my God, it was — and is — just right indeed.

If you follow Diary’s Facebook page, you might recall seeing this photo recently:


{image is a photo of Brooke in her favorite quiet spot in Boston, kneeling in front of the fireplace at the Intercontinental Hotel}

At the time, I’d written something about Brooke finding her calm there, as she does, after a very difficult outing.

After I’d taken the photo, Brooke had asked for my phone and I’d gladly handed it over, then plopped myself down on a sofa nearby. After some quiet time, we had packed ourselves up and headed home. And until today, I had no idea that Brooke had done something pretty incredible when she’d taken my phone. She’d given me a priceless gift.

The following is a 19 second video that she took of the fireplace, the very same one as above, from HER perspective. And if you turn up the volume, wait patiently and then listen, you will hear what it sounds like to find one’s calm.

And wouldn’t you know it, it seems that she’s helped me to find mine this morning.

{image in the video is a close-up of the burning logs in the fireplace}

Thank you all so very much for rallying around my girl last night. I can’t possibly tell you how much it means.

Ed note: The video and picture are shared with Brooke’s permission, as always.

11 thoughts on “just right

  1. You should never have had to go through what you went through last night. But I hope what you can see in hindsight is that the ugliness of one sad individual was far outweighed by the love of so many more. I hope you can have a peaceful weekend. Hugs.

  2. she is so sweet. youtube, however, has a twisted sense of humor. when the video was over it presented me with several choices of ‘brooke singing’ but it was the brooke from the abby lee dance company. i’d much rather watch the fire and get cooking tips.

  3. what a beautiful voice she has,thank you for sharing it with us. the song beside the fire is special as she sang for you. bless you all.

  4. Nice to read this today. Last week we found our calm sitting on my lap, on the floor in the bathroom at grandma’s house (staring at the blank wall). 30 minutes later she was calm enough to go home – but still not quite herself. when others see this they want to poke and prod to ‘fix’ the issue – this is not a child that is hungry, or thirsty – it is an overwhelmed one and there is nothing that an fix it but time. 30 minutes of sitting quietly on the floor – hard to explain to outsiders that just sitting quietly is the only way to ‘fix’ it.

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