Note: Brooke and I were given a Yogimax to review. 


Last Thursday evening, I got a message via Twitter from a gentleman at Yogibo. (I’m sure there’s a cool way of saying “message via twitter” that would make me sound less like a Grandma, but I’ve no idea what that might be. Twessage? P-Tweet?) Anyway .. It went something (or exactly) like this ..

Hi Jess, I work at Yogibo Bean Bags used sometimes by those with sensory issues. Would you like a review unit for your girls?

I don’t do reviews. Ever. Despite constant requests, I’ve done exactly one in the history of the blog, and they didn’t ask, I sought them out. It’s just not what I’m about here, for a lot of reasons.

This was what I wrote back:

Hi! I’d LOVE Yogibo to review.

I know, that seems totally contradictory to what I just said., Keep reading.

Full disclosure — we are already fans. My older daughter has one that she got as a gift (her eight, yes eight grandparents chipped in for her birthday) but we haven’t been able to afford one for our younger kiddo (Brooke, who is autistic.) She LOVES crashing into them in the store and at my friend’s sensory gym (SenseAbility Gym in Hopedale, MA) so I know she’d be thrilled to able to do some crashing at home!

So that was the start. But here was the condition:

I’d love to offer my readers a discount as well. Your products are fabulous, but they aren’t cheap (hence us not already owning one for B!) So if that’s something that you’d consider, I’d love to help make Yogibo accessible to everyone!

And then I held my breath, because he’d have every right to tell me that he was offering me something for free and I could take my condition and shove it, but he didn’t. He wrote back:


And we were off and running. My new friend Michael asked me to choose what we’d like from the catalog and set up delivery instructions, but I had another idea. I asked if we could go to the store to let Brooke choose.

And so it was that on Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves at the mall doing this:

photo 1


{Image is a photo of Brooke diving onto the Yogibo Double, which might be the most awesome thing ever.}

And this ..

photo 2 (5)


{image is a photo of Brooke chilling out on the Yogibo Double with assorted pillows and Yogidudes* . She looks ludicrously relaxed.}

*I made that up but I think it’s catchy. Yogibo, feel free to use it.

And this ..

photo 3 (5)


{image is a photo of Brooke looking at the world upside down on the Yogibo Support, which is kinda like a huge neck roll. }

I gotta tell you, that dang thing is COMFORTABLE on top of a Yogianything. I plopped myself down on one on top of a Yogimax while Brooke was playing and I kinda thought about never getting up.

And this ..

photo 1 (4)

{Image is a photo of Brooke climbing onto a Yogimax in order to …}

photo 2 (3)

{Image is a photo of Brooke crashing the Yogimax onto the ground. This is one of her favorite Yogitivites*.}

*Yogibo, you guys paying attention here? This stuff is gold. Yogigold. 

While we were playing, something awesome happened.

We made a new friend. His name is Jordan* and his mom is a reader of Diary. She was as sweet as could be and he was just completely awesome.

He saw Brooke burying herself in Yogibo (her other favorite Yogitivity) and jumped in to help.

*The name we decided would be his blogonym.

photo 1 (3)

{Image is a photo of Brooke before the pile-on}

photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (4)

{Images are photos of Jordan piling Yogibos on top of Brooke. She loves the feeling of the weight on top of her; it’s extremely soothing for her.}

Once Jordan had the idea of what we were going to do with the pictures, he started telling me what to shoot. Did I mention he was awesome? First, he insisted that I get a shot of him in the Yogibo Fly.

photo 2 (2)

{Image is a photo of Jordan hangin out in the Yogibo Fly, a hammock swing that, in the display, is attached to a free-standing base. It can also be attached to the ceiling. Either way, Jordan clearly approves.}

He also insisted that we get a picture of him with the Hugibo. Would you have said no to this kid?

photo 5 (5)

{Image is a photo of Jordan hugging the Hugibo, a kid-sized Yogidude that kind of looks like a giant Weeble with hair.}

And then, of course, we needed a shot of him somersaulting onto the Yogimax …

photo 4 (6)

{Image is a photo of Jordan mid-somersault.}

This was right around the time that, while I could hear Brooke’s voice, I couldn’t see her.

Unless you count that foot.

photo 5

{Image is a photo of Brooke, having once again sandwiched herself between Yogibos. She’s a … wait for it … Yogiwich!}

Before we left, I asked Brooke to try on A Yogibo t-shirt for a photo.

photo 3

{Image is a photo of Brooke in a pink Yogibo t-shirt.}

Full disclosure, she did not love this idea. But here is why I asked her to do it ..

photo 4 (3)

{Image is a photo of the back of the shirt. It reads:

be more awesome

be more sunshine

be more friends

be more giving

be more color

be more ahhh

be more chill

be more cozy

be more love

be more play

be more fun

be more you.}

I know, right?

When we got home, I fully intended to put Brooke’s new Yogibo in the basement where her other sensory stuff is — a not-remotely-as-fancy-as-the-YogiFly hammock swing, a mini trampoline and Luau’s heavy bag. Little Miss had another idea.

“It will go in the den,” she said.

And so it did.

Luau put it on the floor.

She walked into the room, put Godspell on the tv, and then did this.

photo 1

{Image is a photo of Brooke sitting on top of her new (pink!) Yogibo Max, which she has partially propped up onto an ottoman. She is chillllll.}

And then this.

photo 2

{Image is a photo of Brooke flying on top of the Yogibo, which is now partially folded over while standing on end, which it does quite easily. Note: I was across the room the whole time, so everything she did here, she did on her own.}

And this.

photo 3

{Image is a photo of Brooke on her belly on top of the Yogibo.}

And finally this.

photo 4

{Image is a photo of Brooke hugging her Yogibo, looking over her shoulder at the tv.}

So here’s the deal ..

Brooke loves it.

I love it.

Katie loves hers.

The kids at SenseAbility Gym love theirs.

I wouldn’t have agreed to take it if I didn’t already know all of those things.

I wish I could dispose of the couches in our basement and replace them with a whole set of Yogibo. I would in a heartbeat. But they’re not cheap. They’re extremely well made and durable, so I understand the prices, but for many of us, the products will still be out of reach.

As per my condition on writing this, the company has been kind enough to offer us a 10% discount on everything they sell through the end of the year. Just use the code DIARYOFAMOM. You can use it either online or in stores. I hope that it helps make it doable if it’s something that you or your family would enjoy. I really wish I could buy one for every single one of us.

55 thoughts on “Yogibo

  1. Oh, thank you for requesting a discount for your readers…I was going to make this my son’s birthday gift, he always gets money and gift cards, he is very happy w paper, pastels, clay and trains but has a TON due to generous aunts and uncles. This will be so perfect for our swing/ sensory area too…ps I laughed and smiled through the entire review 🙂

  2. Hi Jess,

    I see from the website that you can take the cover off to wash it, but what happens to the inside part if, er, it gets bodily fluids on it? Would it be ruined?

    Is it soft?


    • They do make one that is an indoor/outdoor model. That might be a better bet if you’re concerned about fluids. Again though, I’m not a sales person. I would definitely ask the company.

    • Hi Natasha, Thanks for the question. All the beads we use are top quality, smaller and denser than average bags. They are closed cell so liquids dirt etc cannot get into them. So they can be washed by hose or dunked like in a large bathtub or outdoor kiddy pool with some detergent or cleaner of your choice if you want to clean the inner. Outer is zippered and easily cleaned and most people clean them multiple times a year.

      There also are the Outdoor covers which you may consider if you think this might happen. They are water and direct sun resistant and do not allow water to flow into a unit. They are also tougher if you think there might be more rough play. Here is the same size in an outdoor:

      The Outdoor units can be bought whole or you can add an outdoor cover in the same size as a unit you already have: http://www.yogibo.com/zoola-max-cover/ is the same size as what Jess is using.

    • Yes these were originally made for everyone. We learned from parents visiting our stores why this can help with sensory issues. Some people have been happy with theirs and it looks like it is fun for lots of families of all types. It makes us happy to help in a small part if we can.

  3. You may have just convinced me to completely furnish my new house with yogibo. I got rid of everything, sold my house, and we are now living in a hotel. We had a dream and did all this without knowing whether we could pull this off. We will now own our dream house (a Japanese style house in the forest) in 2 weeks :). This stuff totally fits the simplicity we are looking for and fits within my budget considering normal furniture costs a lot more then yogibo. My son ruined our old couch within weeks by constantly jumping on it. Thanks for the review Jess and inspiring me :).

    • Hi Daisy,

      Thanks for the kind words and it sounds like a great adventure. Several of us in the company here have mostly Yogibo at home. It can be done. Or the family room or game room can be more casual. We do have some examples of rooms that we have made. Here is one: http://www.yogibo.com/blog/yogibo-your-home-for-the-holidays/ That is for a particular set but you can also mix and match what you are looking for and use that code. And with 16 colors of the indoor line it should be quite easy to match with a japanese minimalistic design. The lime green, black and grey look match very well with other Japanese pieces.

      • I tried to find the lounge set on your site, but I couldn’t. I could only see the separate pieces. Do I need to add each piece and then enter the code?

      • Hi Kim,
        Yes at this time that is how you would do this. There are no sets right now to get the complete set in one item. But that also means you can adjust the set and the total just needs to be over $1000 to get that discount. Like if you want all Maxs it will work. Or if you want the indoor/outdoor Zoolas you can do that. Or some mix in between. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. I will be talking about this with my husband tonight, to see if we can fit some of this awesomeness into our very tiny house. We may have to sacrifice our coffee table. It might be worth it.

  5. Just submitted our order! I can’t wait to try it out and I know my daughters are going to LOVE it as well. Thanks for asking for a code, I LOVE to save money! 🙂

  6. My son’s 8th bday is next month and I didn’t realize until just now that this is exactly what he should have. He’s a bouncer of the highest order.

    He already has two twin mattresses on the floor in his bedroom, and his old (foam) crib mattress as a kind of headboard in the corner, to make a safe-ish space for bouncing when the mini-trampoline in the kitchen (still trying to make that trend happen) isn’t full-body enough. He will be face-first on that yogibo within minutes.

    Thank you for getting the discount code for us! The price is high but not unreasonable, and I thought I’d get killed on shipping a Yogi Max to California but it’s only $20. Wish I could afford to get one for his classroom, too,

    (long time listener, first time commenter, raging fangirl)

    • Hi Sara,

      It sounds like he will like it but just to be clear it is not bouncy like a trampoline. It is fun to jump or fall into it. It surrounds you in microbeads and gives you less pressure all over than most furniture.

      The beads are in a stretchy inner cover and then an outer cover is stretchy as well but it is like a free form space that gives you support.

      This video shows people jumping in it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJp73cLkkJw

      Or search “yogibo” on Youtube and you can see a lot of them.

      • Thanks, Michael! I didn’t express myself well, I’m certain the squish-ness of the yogibo is going to be a big hit with my guy. He loves to fling himself into things.

        Now I just need to pick a color!

  7. This is the most awesome review I’ve ever read! I’m headed to the website to check these out ASAP! The little fella I babysit is wreaking havoc on my furniture and this is the perfect solution. Besides, I KNOW my 14 year old would get plenty of use out of one!

  8. Thank you! This is terrific! It has been reblogged, Tweeted, FB’d and Pinned to get the news out to as many as possible. 😀

  9. This was perfect timing for me! Thank you so much–I have grant funds to spend this week for our local autism center! The great discount you got more than covered our shipping costs! Can’t wait to see the kids having fun with all these wonderful products! Thank you for sharing! Love you and your blog SO much!

  10. We went to the local Yogibo store and they were so lovely. Answering all our questions and letting my kids play till their hearts were content! They didn’t want to leave. I definitely will be buying some. Black Friday perhaps?

  11. I contacted Yogibo and they fixed it online. Can’t wait to try it out – we’re going to keep it in my daughter’s classroom so she can take breaks whenever she needs to. Thanks for the great tip!

  12. We got my daughter a Yogibo for her 11th birthday; she isn’t autistic she’s just a kid and she did all the same wonderful, fun, imaginative things Brook did when she got hers and she was equally excited! She has had it for about 4 hours and it has been everything from a couch to a skyscraper to a gymnastics mat to a bridge and so much more.
    Anyhow, I learned that you can buy just the inner sack for $88 if there are any sewers out there. You have to buy the right material for the cover but if you can sew, and have a Joanns coupon you can save some money.

  13. Darn, was ready to buy! Watching those kiddo’s roll and flop and play made it very clear this was exactly what I was looking for, with the discount I wasn’t even looking at prices but nope discount no longer Coupon code “DIARYOFAMOM” is not valid

  14. Hearing these comments fills my heart with joy. I wish Yogibo was around when my autistic nephew was young. /// In 2014, my daughter didn’t know what she wanted for her birthday (she’s not autistic). We took her to the mall to get her nails done and we found a Yobigo store. My husband and son hung out and played on the beanbag loungers until her nails were done. We ended up buying the Max and the snake-like tube one to set up like a couch. ((I wish I had known about the discount code then.)) She set up the max on the floor for cousin and friends to hang out with her (some times the dog likes to mat it down and sleep on it). The tube one she keeps on her bed against the wall to hug at night like a body pillow. The price is my only gripe. I’d buy them for my college bound nieces and nephews, and my friend’s autistic twins if they were cheaper.

  15. I actually came to this blog looking for cleaning instructions for the inside. A relative’s dog pee’d on her Max. I washed the outer cover, but the inside is stained, soiled. I didn’t see it until a week after the dog left. Glad to know it can be submerged in a tub. It’s cold here now so I’ll have to wait after the holiday so it can air dry inside. My daughter was upset when we figured it out, but but she was ok that it can be cleaned.

  16. Hi! Loved your review. I’m about to purchase a yogibo myself but from some reviews it seems like they become saggy and wont hold their shape quite soon. Did you have the same problem? I’m a mom of two as well so I’m expecting some heavy usage on these bean bags. Thanks!

  17. Hi! Thank you for your article! Are you still loving the Yogibo? We’re considering buying a few our kiddos, but wonder how long they’ll last, without needing replacement parts. Thank you!

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