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{image is the logo for Loud Mute Radio – a blue and green Jack in the Box who is out of the box.}

I have twelve minutes to write. I want more time. Because there’s so much I want to tell you.

I want to tell you about my friend, Barb’s radio show. I want to tell you that I was her first guest, and that, although I couldn’t always hear her co-host, Lois, so it sometimes sounds like I’m being really rude and talking right over her, I kinda love the conversation that we (“we” meaning Barb, Lois and I) had.

And I want to tell you that there’s a second guest on the show and Oh My God, you have to hear this kid. Seriously, he’s like a fifteen year old Dalai Lama.

I want to tell you more, because, dude, BARB HAS A RADIO SHOW and I GOT TO BE ON IT but I’m down to eight minutes, so please, please just listen to the show, okay? It’s free. It’s funny. You can pause it! It might even make you think (or feel something). And no matter what, it will definitely make you laugh. Especially when Barb types her letter to a man she chooses to call Dick and decides to miss a comma. Trust me.

All you have to do is click HERE to upload (Or is it download? No idea) the show on iTunes. For non Apple devices, Here’s what Barb’s producer has to say: In Google Play there are several podcast apps. I recommend Podcast Addict. Download Podcast Addict then search and subscribe to Loud Mute Radio. Trust him. He knows stuff.

Just go find it. It’s worth it, I promise.

Barb is awesome. Lois is hilarious. Jake is amazing. And hey, I’m well, I have no idea what I am, but I’m there too. And if nothing else, you get to hear me adopt Lois’s delicious Tennessee accent while I’m talking to her. Apparently that’s a thing I do without realizing it. Luau thinks its funny. Which it is, y’all.

After you listen, make sure to subscribe to Loud Mute Radio. (Again, this is all free and no one is taking your info and doing bad things with it, Dad, I promise. Or maybe they are, but it’s worth it. Cause Barb.)

Lastly, if you could leave a review to tell the world just how fabulous the show was (feel free to say the female guest was awful but the show was amazing and you can’t wait for the next one when I’m not on it), it would mean the world to Barb, and therefore to me too.

I now have negative seven minutes, damn it (I’m late) so let’s do a little cut and paste and see if Barb and Lois’s can convince you themselves.

A radio show hosted by an autistic mute?  Why not! The creators of Mule and Muse Productions, Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky, PhD, welcome you to “Loud Mute Radio”.  Here is how this works.  Barb is mute but she types one letter at a time and loves being heard as she is a contemplative which means she spends most of her time thinking about things that are not present and observing that which is. She says being a muse is a tidy job, but somebody has to do it.  Her advanced autistic degrees make her more equipped than most for this calling.  Barb says, “I am disguised as a poor thinker”.   But with two books full of hilarious stories and fascinating truths about her life with autism and everyone else – that is changing.  Her co-host, Lois (somebody has to speak – its radio) is an educational psychologist with real world stamina and training. (So yea, Lois is the Mule in this relationship, but actually smells pretty good.) Their Mule and Muse world views are different, but together their work illuminates the value of paying much more attention to individuals with fresh perspectives.

We invite you to laugh and lighten up as we promote finding purpose, connection, equality, and joy.

Join us in minding thy heart to mine thy mind.


If that didn’t get you clicking I don’t know what will, but I do have one last bit of ammo just in case.

I tell the story about the time I paid for a dress using a bottle of Xanax as identification.

You’re welcome.

Damn it, I really have to go.

There’s so much more to tell you,  but I guess I’ll just have to say it on the radio.

One last thing before you click – both Lois and I use the word, “Horseshit” at one point in the show, so take care listening around littles, especially little echolalists. Other than that, it’s squeaky clean. Mostly. Though poor Dick is still looking for his comma.

Loud Mute Radio, Episode One

7 thoughts on “loud mute radio

  1. I listened yesterday and it is totally and absolutely amazing. Jake was incredible and so were you (that’s not just a proud Mama speaking).

    I defiitely will go back and give it the highest ratings and I did subscribe.

    Go to work!

    Love you,

  2. Heard the program and all I can say is, that what you have to say and how you say it is incredible and so beautiful. Listening to my kid speak so eloquently and with such intellect and humanity is a thrill beyond anything I could ever have wished for.
    You have so much to offer and you deliver it with such outstanding skill.
    WOW! WOW!WOW!.
    Very, very amazed dad.
    ps. I guess I should be used to your amazing ability by now but I am always thrilled.

  3. Jess, had time to listen to this today, just amazing. “Given the right tools EVERYONE is capable”- yes, yes and yes! Was also impressed with the use of “horseshit” (applicable to my son too who started speaking at eleven!) Barb is incredible, am so glad I took the time to listen. Thanks for this!

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