from pinterest mom to screw it, it’ll have to do mom


{image is a photo of a cake upon which is piped an icing spider web. A plastic spider sits above the web.}

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I mean, I was doing all that baking and decorating and pinteresty whatevering anyway, so what was one more cake?

When Brooke signed up to bring something Halloweeny to her social group, it came out of my mouth so naturally.

“Ooh, I’ll make that spider web cake I made a few years ago!”

She was game.

I thought I was too.

Last night at bedtime, I realized I still hadn’t made the damn cake. I asked Brooke if she wanted to help. Her response?

“No thanks, I’m good.”

If someone had asked me, my answer would have been exactly the same.

I iced it at 5:30 this morning.

It didn’t go well.

I cracked one of the cakes.

I didn’t have binding spray. (It’s a thing)

There were crumbs strewn throughout the icing.

I ran out of icing.

Halfway through.

Yes, I use Duncan Hines icing. And make cakes from mixes. Don’t judge.

I punted. I found a tub of strawberry icing in the pantry and decided to start a trend … spooooooky pastel pink. (It may not be a thing yet, but just you wait.)

I decided I’d tell Brooke that I had a special surprise for her – the cake is her favorite color! Well, partly. Whatever.

I piped the very first lines of the spider web and realized the intersection was nowhere even remotely near the center of the cake.

I decided that spiders don’t carry rulers and couldn’t care less if their webs are in the middle of anything.

Katie came downstairs as I was icing the cake and declared it the coolest thing ever.

I told her she was the best kid ever.

Then asked why it was pink.

Then said pink isn’t spooky.

I told her she was grounded. And that it will be. Just wait.

When Brooke woke up, I showed her a picture of the cake on my phone and she said …

“Can I play with your phone?”

Yup, the cake is just perfect, in, ya know, that “Screw it, it will have to do,” sort of way.


{images above and below are two different angles of the cake showing the pink bottom and the white top. The icing is, well, not exactly smooth. It’s like, the opposite of smooth. Also visible are spiders hanging from every end of the web. We had a bunch of spider rings left over from the party, so I thought I’d put them to use. In an excess of caution, I stuck a sign to the cake carrier that says, “Don’t eat the spiders!”.}



26 thoughts on “from pinterest mom to screw it, it’ll have to do mom

  1. …and you’re exhausted why? Sweetheart, there are other moms in all of these groups. Learn to say that you have to pass occasionally.

    Love you,

    • Yes, there are two other moms in the group. They both also work full time, they both also have autiistic children (one has two) and one is halfway around the world today for work. This isn’t the PTO. This is three autistic girls whose moms don’t really get to pass.

  2. It looks awesome!!! I would have been proud to take that to school, myself! But, as mom said, don’t over do it!!! You’re already a super mom 🙂

  3. If I could eat cake…. I would prefer this one, promise. I am a huge fan of asymetric, imperfect and real. In everything. Always have been. But mom is right, pass next time. 🙂

  4. I think you did a wonderful job and I do think you’re being a little hard on yourself. This is coming from a mom who made three jack o’lantern cakes one year out of two bunt cakes each to saying screw it the last two years and buying cakes from walmart for our school’s fall fest.

  5. I think it looks great Jess! Doesn’t have to be from scratch, just from the heart. This is definitely from the heart! All my son’s cakes are box mixes as well as the frosting! Great job!

  6. Make a promise, keep a promise. Even if it doesn’t turn out as you planned it (but what in our lives ever does lol). Your girl and her friends will love it no matter what it looks like, it’s cake.

  7. FYI: if you whip the icing with the mixer, it’s fluffier, easier to spread & you use less. It also helps to heat it up a few seconds in the microwave.
    I was icing a cake at 11 pm. I broke the cake, too. I had never heard if binding spray until I saw it here. I microwaved the icing too long and had chocolate soup. I used the soupy icing to “glue” the cake. After it cooled down, I poured it over the cake & spread it, crumbs & all. Then I stuck candy eyes on it & dumped chocolate sprinkles on it. Turned out pretty good!

  8. blend the white and pink and call it ombre. you did it deliberately too look like pink spider slime. *sarcasm* Or own it and say you needed a cake, you have a cake, and it is my best effort at the moment. Its awesome. *sincerity*

  9. Considering Halloween is the epitome of “off-kilter” holidays, I think YOUR cake is better than the Pintrest. The tilt and the colors, even though not intentional, give it fun and flair! Perfect is BS 😉

  10. Considering that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and that is pink, just tell them you were bringing awareness! 😉 Besides, it looks great. Personally I think that it looks more like you did the web off center on purpose and I love it. Great job!

  11. This is the “screw it cake?” Seriously, when I saw the picture in my feed, I thought you were showing me the pinterest example, and your cake was going to be a muddled mess. Now, I’m wondering what kind of mom I am, if that is a screw-it cake. I think I will be the Mom who buys my cakes!

    I agree with the others who say the off-center spider web (and, yes, the pink frosting) are totally features, and not bugs (and, in any case, I had to go back and double-check the pictures and read the comments before I understood which of the pictures was the pinterest example cake).

  12. Honestly? When I saw the cake photo in the link that my friend posted to FB, I didn’t really know what was wrong with it. I still kinda don’t. I like cake. I care about how cake tastes. This cake looks like it tastes yummy, and pink IS a spooky color – you need to check out the Ghastlies fabrics … 😀

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