always my baby


Yesterday morning, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page:

A couple of years ago, Katie gave me one of the very best birthday presents I’d ever received. Over the course of a couple of months, she had dug through pictures and curated those that meant the most to her. She then collected them in an album and, with hand written commentary next to each and every one, she gave it to me. I cherish that album and turn to its pages often. Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos. It is Throwback Thursday after all. This is the one that Katie wanted to start with. 


{image is a photo of Katie at 2. She is making a mad pouty face in an attempt to get a chocolate chip cookie from a tray that is set aside for later. And yes, I totally gave her one. #LikeYouWouldnt #OhCmon #LookAtThatFace

Throughout the day, I shared photos from the album, using the hashtags #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #KatiesFavorites.



Image is a photo of Katie and me playing, “Wind the Bobbin.” I’m guessing she’s about 4 months old. Her caption on this picture? “My hair!” What can I say, the kid came out of the womb with a mohawk.


Image is a photo of Katie at 3, well, um, hmm.

As I recall, she was being a sheriff, as you can see from strategically placed badge on her shirt. She also had apparently decided that sheriffs needed plaid bows on their heads. Very, very large plaid bows.

I don’t know why her eyes are closed in the picture, but I have to say that I find it just as funny today as I clearly did then.


This is one of my favorites, not necessarily because of the photo itself (which I adore, don’t get me wrong) but because of Katie’s caption in the album: “In my happy place.”

{image is a photo of Katie at almost two, tucked between my arm and my pregnant belly.}


Image is a photo of me and Katie on Nantucket. I’m guessing she’s six or seven. I have no idea what was so funny, but I am incapable of looking at this picture without smiling.


As much as I love this one, it was the caption that did me in … “Hug.”

{image is a photo of Katie as a newborn. She is sleeping on my chest and her tiny hand is resting on my lips.}



Katie x 3.

{image is a photo of one-year-old Katie and her two mirror images at our old local children’s museum. If you need a smile, zoom in on that little face. Works for me every time.}

And then the day ended and, thanks to excruciatingly little sleep the night before, I fell asleep before I could finish.

So here we are.

There are a lot more photos in the album, of course, so we might just have to do this again some time, but these, well, these can’t wait.


Image is a photo of me and Katie (who I’m guessing is about five) at my cousin’s wedding, in which she was a flower girl. She is laughing. Hard.


Image is a photo of me kissing Katie in the pool on a vacation in Kennebunkport, Maine, where we used to go at least once a summer. Ya know, back when money wasn’t a thing. She always says that she feels free in the water. You can just see it, can’t you? This photo feels to me like a huge, open breath of air. 


Image is a photo of me and Katie, who was seven at the time, on a boat on an Adirondack lake. That week was one of the greatest adventures of our lives, and it was just us, which made it pretty incredible. This is one of my favorites too, sweet girl. 


And then there’s this. 

Katie left a number of pages toward the end of the album blank. “For our new memories,” she said. 

But for the very last page. 

Where I found this.

A photo of my little girl as an infant, smiling at her mama. And the caption, written in her hand.

“I’ll always be your baby.”

I told you it was the best birthday present ever.

7 thoughts on “always my baby

  1. You’re right, Jess. This was the greatest gift ever! I remember those years as though they were yesterday. Cherish each and every memory as the years fly by.

    Love you,

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