princess lily

First there was THIS.


{image is a page from the book Rosita Runs Away}

Which brought us to THIS.

Which is why we did this ..


{The above and the next two images are photos of the set (our kitchen) for Brooke’s play, Rosita Runs Away. In the play, Rosita’s friend, Alina, searches for her on a mountain (the armchair draped in a purply-pink towel), a tree (the chair whose bottom is made to look like a trunk with a dark green towel and whose top is leaves made of a bright green towel), a pile of dirt (the chair covered in a brownish chenille blanket), a flower garden (the chair covered in a flowered towel) and a bush (the chair covered in a bright green towel). In the photo of the full set, we see the row of chairs set up for the audience.}

And this ..


And this ..


And this ..


{image is a photo of Brooke looking over her book to ensure accuracy as she pulls costume pieces together from her costume box. In the foreground are the character’s wardrobes as they come together.}

Which was how we ended up here …

DSC_0156 - Version 2

{image is a photo of producer, director, costumer and star, Brooke in costume as Alina during the final dress rehearsal}


{image is a very blurry action shot of the actors taking their bows after a very successful show.}

Although I can’t claim to be an objective critic, I am fairly sure that everyone there would agree that the show was a raging success.

We even had a second production when Becky’s little brother Jamie decided that since the play didn’t have any parts for boys, he’d put on his own dang play. And he did. Well, kinda. He did a Spiderman dance. It was ridiculously awesome.


{Image is a photo of Jamie doing his Spiderman dance along with his Spidey Assistant, played by one of Brooke’s classmates, who has taped extra legs to her shirt, because, well, they’re spiders, hullo? – Photo shared with permission.}

A minute and a half after her friends had gone, Brooke said, “Next Sunday will be the princess play party.”

I explained that it would not be next Sunday.

She asked when it would be.

I said, “Um, How about January?”

She said, “January what?”

I said, “I’m not sure yet, honey. I’ll ask Daddy and we’ll figure it, okay? Can we just enjoy how wonderfully your play went before we plan the next one?”

And she said, despite the fact that we were sitting alone outside and had not moved, “Did you ask Daddy now?”

As you do.

While audiences will have to wait until January to see the princess play, you, dear readers get a sneak peek. Again (and as always) shared with Brooke’s generous (and enthusiastic) permission, I give you ….

Princess Lily …

Ed note: Brooke used her and Katie’s names throughout the book, so I’ve covered the handwritten text on those pages and typed it for you. You’re welcome. 

Ed other note: All images are pages from the book with the text transcribed below. 


Princess Lily


Once upon a time, there lived an 8 year old princess Lily.


She saw her friend la Princesa Brooke.


La Princesa had long brown hair.


Princess Kaitlyn had long hair and shiny shoes.


Princess Lily asked Prince Murray to marry him when she grows up.

Ed note: I love that she doesn’t sit around waiting for him to ask her. I mean, she’s 8 for Heaven’s sake, gotta get this wrapped up. <sarcasm >


The banana had a spell in it. Katie ate it. Katie was in a spell. She was “Katie in a sleeping spell.”

Ed note: Yeah, me again. Sorry to keep interrupting. Any fans of Dora might recognize this plot line from Dora’s Fairy Tale Adventures. That’s what we do around her, friends. No copyright infringement intended, I’m sure. 


If Brooke doesn’t hug Katie, she’ll be asleep forever.


La Princesa Brooke went to wake Katie in a sleeping spell.


Soon the spell was broken. Katie awoke.


Lily, Brooke and Katie played together.


Then Katie turned into a princess.


Princesa Angelica came too.


Lily loved Brooke.


Katie’s spell was never seen again.


Lily loved being upside down.


Lily was beautiful.


They all lived happily ever after.


The end

10 thoughts on “princess lily

  1. I’ve always said that somehow Brooke will have a career in the theater. Of course that’s among a myriad of possibilities. Bravo, Brooke!

    Love you,

  2. Very cute! Our household is not a Dora household, so it was all new to us. Great job Brooke! (FYI, I could see the writing through the paper in a couple of the photos. I thought you would like to know.)

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