proud mama



{image is a photo of Katie ice skating just before her guests arrived yesterday}

There are so many posts that I can’t write.

So many stories that just aren’t mine to tell.

Especially Katie’s, as they become more and more intertwined with her friends’ lives, with their stories.

But I want to shout from the rooftops.

To tell you how proud I am of who this incredible young woman is – and who she continues to become.

To show you just how much impact she has on the world around her – on everyone whom she so graciously welcomes into her open circle of warmth and generous care.

To tell you that she sees them.

And says so.

That she is so much braver than I ever was.

Because she is not afraid to feel.

To share.

To love.

To connect.

The stories will have to stay in our memories where they belong.

But my pride in this kid?

Well, that I simply can’t keep to myself.

4 thoughts on “proud mama

  1. I think if I were told before I was born that there were certain things I wouldn't be able to do or achieve in my lifetime because they were being saved for my children to experience… unless I understood what it was to be a parent ~ I wonder if I'd be willing to sacrifice those things for their sake?
    I don't know, but, the charge I get from my children's accomplishments, great and small~ I cannot begin to explain how crazy, over the top proud I am of them!!
    I might give up more if I knew the joy I'd have watching them live their lives.

  2. The way you feel about your baby is exactly how I have always felt about YOU!
    You always epitomize the part of the poem to me that goes,”I love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow”.
    Love you,

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