sending love



{image is a photo of Brooke playing Santa’s helper in 2009}

I’ve got a Christmas mission for us, my friends.

Editor’s note: Please know that I am well aware of how tight money is for many, if not most of us this, time of year, so I want to promise you before you read another word that what I’m about to ask you to do will not cost you any money. Well, other than a  stamp.

Quentin Ramos turned 16 on November 28th. He spent his birthday exactly as he had spent his 15th, at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle.

Q has Crohn’s disease and it has wrecked havoc on his body. He’s endured multiple surgeries and other procedures, the details of which need not be for public consumption. He has not had an easy road. And while the seventeen months that he’s lived in the hospital – yes, seventeen months – would have been incredibly difficult on any teenager, Quentin’s situation is even more complicated. He is autistic.

Q’s mom, Donna, despite managing their trials, is always here to read, to comment, to celebrate and to commiserate. They are part of this community. Q is one of us. And he’s been through far, far too much.

So here’s what I want to do.

Quentin loves getting mail. (And from what I understand, he’s pretty crazy about Christmas too.)

So what do you say we send him some Christmas love?

Cards, drawings, photos, anything that you think might brighten his day. Some of the things that he loves are Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Franklin, Little Bear, and Toy Story. He is also a fan of just about any of the Nick Jr, Disney Jr, PBS and Noggin characters, which I must say sounds pretty dang familiar.

So what do you think?

You in?

Brooke is.

She had one question before she started.

“Is he autistic?”

And one declaration:

“He likes Dora just like me!”

And so she drew her fellow autistic Dora fan the perfect Christmas card.


{Image is a photo of Brooke’s drawing for Quentin, whom she was very excited to hear likes Dora as much as she does. She has drawn Dora and Boots in Santa hats. Not shown is the dedication above the figures which reads To: Quentin Love: Brooke.}

So will you join us?

All you’ve got to do is send some love to:

Quentin Ramos

c/o Ronald McDonald House

5130 40th Avenue NE

Seattle, WA


C’mon, you know you want to.




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