This morning’s post will be up later today. In the meantime, I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment. 

To my husband,

I want to surprise you.

To call you in the middle of the day and tell you to pack a bag and meet me at the airport.

To assure you that the kids are all set, that they’ll be picked up at school and well cared for while we head to a tropical beach for a day or two, just us.

I want to buy you a silly drink when we arrive at the resort, complete with a pineapple, a cherry, and a paper umbrella.

To order massages in a cabana and reserve a barefoot dinner on the beach overlooking the ocean.

If wishes were horses, this beggar would ride.

Alas, today will be largely like any other – at least until we all get home from work and school and the errands of the day.

The stuff that needs to be done still needs to be done.

The work and the drop-offs and the pick-ups and the everything in between.

But we will celebrate.


{image is a photo of Brooke filling Luau’s piñata with Starbursts and Hershey’s Kisses.}


With the rainbow balloons and the glittery blue piñata and the sparkly blow-outs that Brooke insisted we buy for “your party.”

We’ll keep you outside, as per her instructions, so that we can shout, “Surprise!” and toss confetti on your head.

We’ll play Pin the Bracelet on the Brooke and laugh while you try to find the piñata with your eyes closed.

We’ll sing and eat the ice cream cake you asked for.

We’ll give you the silly little tokens of love that we’ve collected over the past few weeks, wishing they were the things we’d love to give you – the iWatch and the fancy laptop, the latest gadgets that do Heaven knows what.

We’ll love you the best way that we can.

And I will, as I always do, see you.

I’ll see all that you do to keep us functioning day in and day out – the stuff that you think that no one knows or cares that you do.

The stuff that acts as the glue in our messy, chaotic, jumble of a life.

The stuff that, without which, we would unravel like a ball of tangled, hopelessly knotted yarn.

I will tell you.

I will tell you that I see you.

That I have no idea how we could ever get by without you.

That, as much as we drive each other up the walls, you really, truly, are my best friend.

That I wouldn’t want to be on this crazy ride with anybody else.

I see you.

I love you.

I’m so grateful for you.

Happy birthday, Luau.

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 7.07.14 AM

{image is one of my favorite photos of Luau. He is carrying Katie piggy-back on the beach just before sunset. Photo by Connerton Photography all rights reserved.}

4 thoughts on “luau

  1. What an incredible tribute to an incredible man. I have felt blessed to have him in our lives since the moment he walked into our door. Happy Birthday, Luau!

    Love you,

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