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In this Aug. 13, 2014, photo, a female student wearing a shocking device on her leg, lines up with classmates after lunch at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) Source

What you are about to read and watch and hear will be extremely difficult to process. It’s horrifying. I’m asking you to read it anyway.

It’s necessary, because we need to understand that this is happening. Not in some far off country that we can claim no control over, but here, in our very own back yard.

Please read. Please watch. Please listen. And then, please, for the love of God, act.

This can’t continue.

“The first shock was in my leg. It was a stinging, ripping, and pulling pain that froze time. I was standing when it happened, and I immediately fell because I lost control of my leg. It hurt, but didn’t really register with me. I wasn’t afraid yet.”


“I no longer had my meds, and I would get this itchy feeling, like a hundred ants under my skin. I would fight it, but then I would get a tingle down my spine, and then I would become terrified because I knew what was coming. My hands would get cold and shake. Then the burst would come. Like slamming my head on the desk over and over until the shock came. After that would be a strange feeling of calm and peace — because it was over with. I released the impulse and had gotten the coinciding shock.”


“Some actual behaviors I was shocked for were: covering my eyes with my hands, covering (pressurizing) my ears, tic-like body movements, wrapping my foot around the leg of my chair, not answering staff within 5 seconds, saying the word “no”, shaking my head, tightening my fingers for more than 2 seconds, waving my hands in front of my face, 5 verbal behaviors in an hour (talk to self, repeating, crying, bizarre speech, nagging), tensing up, getting out of my seat without permission, not following directions, and attempt to remove restraints.”


“Two female staff members would bring me to the upstairs bathroom and lock me on the restraint board, face up. Then they stripped my clothes off and bathed me like a sponge bath. They touched my private areas against my will. I was completely helpless. This is a whole other kind of abuse …”



“The video of Andre McCollins being shocked on the board tells the story. It is absolutely terrifying. The anticipation and the helplessness of being tied down and not knowing when another shock is coming. And that was the point, to add more fear to the shock. I had this done to me many times. Only sick, sick people can think this is ok.”


“While I was sitting in a restraint chair, a staff [member] would burst into my conference room — I was one-on-one alone with staff — and screamed at me to hurt him, holding a knife. Even though I did absolutely nothing and sat there in shock, not having any idea what was going on, I would receive a shock from the GED device. This happened a couple of times a week, at first, and left me in a constant state of fear, never knowing when I’d be hurt for no reason.”


“It’s so scary. I would ask God to make my heart stop because I didn’t want to live when that was happening to me. I just wanted to die and make it stop,” [Jennifer Msumba] told CBS News correspondent Anna Werner in an interview at her mother’s home outside Boston. “I thought, they won’t be able to hurt me anymore.”


“They grabbed my arms and walked me over to the board. Told me to sit then lie down and started locking me in. I was begging, pleading that I didn’t do anything and could they explain what I did. Nothing. I didn’t fight, I just shook. My limbs went cold with fear, knowing what was coming and having to wait for it. She went outside the door and closed it most of the way so I couldn’t see her. All I could do was breath in shudders and kick my one leg that was looser then the other. Then she shocked me out of nowhere. And said “there is no hurting yourself”. One down, 4 to go. When they do this, time stops and everything around me would turn into a nightmarish cloud. I would just beg in my mind for them to hurry up and do it. But the whole point is to MAKE you anticipate. To fear, to suffer. Not knowing when it’s coming. The shit is so sick and twisted, it should be in a movie. They put this show and tell on that they care, but this is what REALLY happens. This is what really fucking happens. After about 10 minutes of agonizing mental and physical torture and 5 shocks later, they took me off the board.”


“Then, in 2011, Edward Placke, a former Assistant Commissioner of New York’s Education Department, was shaken by an encounter with a New York City teenager during a visit to the school. The girl was anxious, but she spoke deliberately, even though a Rotenberg staff member watched over their meeting. Get me out, she said. Take me home.

“She said she was shackled to a chair,” recalls Placke.”


“It’s illegal to torture prisoners and animals, but not disabled people.”


“The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts, has long been criticized for its treatment of disabled children and adults. It has been condemned by the current and previous United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Torture, many disability rights groups, current Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, and an FDA advisory panel (Hinman and Brown; Conaboy; Rothstein). It seems strange that the Judge Rotenberg Center is even still running, but it is, and is still using electric shocks as punishment for many of the disabled children and adults who currently live there.”


“For Rob Santana, who declared about JRC: “It’s worse than jail. That place is the worst place on earth”; for Raquel, a 15-year-old who caught a reporter’s eye and held up a message in pink marker that read “HELP US”; for Janine, a 16-year-old who has been hooked up to the GED for half of her life (Gonnerman, “School”); for xxx who bravely wrote her testimony about her experience at JRC; for Christopher Hirsch; for Andre McCollins; for Rodrigo; for the six students who died at BRI/ JRC over the years: Robert Cooper, Danny Aswad, Vincent Millitich, Abigail Gibson, Linda Cornelison, and Silverio Gonzalez; and for all the other current and past victims of torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center, we must change policy that permits this civil rights violation to occur, and create new policy to stop it.”


So what do we do?

Start by clicking on the Occupy JRC Facebook page and hit “like” in order to follow the story and get action alerts.

Contact your Senators and Congressmen in Washington. Tell them we need their help. Tell them we need the Keep Students Safe Act to become law.

Call or write to the FDA and demand follow-up from last April’s hearing in which they considered a ban on aversive conditioning using contingent electric shock, but have yet to issue a ruling.

Call or write to the NY State Education Department, JRC’s biggest customer, requesting that they decertify the JRC immediately.

If you see a conference itinerary that includes the JRC as a presenter / participant, request that their invitation be revoked.

Tweet Bill DiBlasio, Mayor of New York City, the JRC’s biggest customer, @billdeblasio using the hashtag #CloseTheJRC. Tag anyone you think will retweet it, including me @diaryofamom.

That young man screaming for help in the video? He’s my daughter. He’s your son. He is our brothers and sisters. He is all of us.

We don’t treat human beings this way.

This has to stop.

Edited to add:

I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page. I think it’s important that it live here as well.

Friends, there’s something that I need to say. I hope that it will come out respectfully, gently, and urgently, as it is intended.

Yesterday, I published a post about the horrors at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, MA. The post was composed almost entirely of quotes, each and every one of them linked back to their sources. If I remember correctly, with the exception of the Fox and CBS News reports, every single one of the original pieces I cited was written by, or directly quoted, an autistic person. That was by design.

The autistic community has been trying desperately to bring attention to the atrocities at the JRC for years. Autistic activists have been writing, picketing, pleading with lawmakers, testifying at hearings, and otherwise doing everything they possibly can to be heard. Nonetheless, when I wrote that post yesterday, I was thanked by some for “breaking the story.”

That saddens me. Moreover, it terrifies me. I didn’t “break” this story. I shared a story that autistic people have been telling for years. You might not think that’s an important distinction, but I do. And they do, as well they should. Because my voice should not be more powerful nor more credible than theirs. Ever. No one should be made to feel that their story isn’t real, isn’t important, has never been told, until someone else tells it. And that is the message that we are sending when we fail to acknowledge the efforts of those in the trenches.

Please click on the links in the post. Read the original stories. See the work that has been done for YEARS by autistic advocates on behalf of their brethren who are being treated in a way that we do not allow our prison wardens to treat convicted criminals in this country.

Then please go to the section of my blog roll entitled, “Vital Perspectives from Autistic Adults. Follow their blogs. Like their Facebook pages. Sign up for ASAN’s newsletter. Listen. Not to me, but to those who are doing the real work.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of me and my daughters, thank you. 

69 thoughts on “judge rotenberg center

  1. Thank you for educating everyone about this. I have never heard of this “school” (if you can even call it that) and I’m sure many others haven’t either. This is heartbreaking on so many levels! I can’t believe it actually….I knew things like this happened a long time ago, but I never imagined its STILL HAPPENING TO THIS DAY!!!
    They know this isn’t right, or humane in any way, shape our form so I just cannot fathom why their doors are still open.

    No one deserves to be treated this way…no one…it makes me angry and sad and hurt, as it should. I’m so sorry for everyone there. Excuse me, I have an overwhelming need to go hug my kids and tell them I love them.

  2. I hurt just reading and can’t even watch the video…the image is enough. This is my biggest fear for my child, I will pass this along.

  3. Thanks a LOT for bringing this forward… i spent a big part of my morning reading about this after hearing the young man in the video mentioned it, since i could not believe….still can’t and it is true… it is happening right now….

    • i’d start with Lydia Brown, who you can contact through her blog, Autistic Hoya (one of the links in the post) and Ari Ne’eman at ASAN, also linked. please, please do.

  4. They are sadistic and psychopaths. I’m going to share this on every social network in which I have followers. They enjoy this torture. Perhaps it should be done to them. And some students have died there, probably from what was done to them.

    Shocking someone for getting out of the chair without permission isn’t going to stop them from hurting themselves. They didn’t shock her when she slammed her head against the wall. They did this for nothing. They did it for pleasure.

    Sounds like North Korea, and they can get away with it because they claim it’s in the students’ best interest, when it obviously isn’t and has nothing to do with stopping self harm or violent behavior. Those creatures are predators.

  5. Reblogged this on lovin' adoptin' and commented:
    People would be outraged if this happened to animals. But the truth is, it’s happening to children at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in New York. We must take action, as Jess who wrote this post says, “That young man screaming for help in the video? He’s my daughter. He’s your son. He is our brothers and sisters. He is all of us.”
    Jess gives tangible ideas of what to do to help these children who are being tortured. We CAN do something. We CAN help. We don’t have to sit by and wonder what we could do. We don’t have to let this haunt us. Take steps to shut down the JRC.

  6. Reblogged this on Melissa Fields, Autist and commented:
    Trigger warning for sadistic torture and abuse, skin shocks as punishment for doing nothing wrong. This place needs to be shut down. Please contact your Senators and Congress people in Washington. Tell them about this. Tell them that we need to have the Keep Students Safe Act become law.

    • As much as I oppose just about everything about AS, it’s my understanding that their promotion of them was that they allowed them to be part of a resource fair, which is utterly horrifying, but their public commentary, from what I can find, includes no more than former Social Marketing Dir Marc Sirkin’s statement that they “oppose the use of electric therapy in behavior modification treatments. The video of the student receiving this type of treatment at the JRC is appalling and Autism Speaks joins many other organizations in calling for an end to this abuse.”

      That said, they have done nothing I can find to actually back up that statement or take any action at all to stop the abuse. Both Marc and the President he was representing at the time, Mark Roithmayr, are long gone.

      I think it’s fair to say that given the size of AS’s platform, and the fact that they’ve been aware of this for at least 2.5 years, their silence in the face of the torture of those for whom they claim to advocate makes them, after all this time, complicit.

      They don’t, however, financially support them. Given that only 4% of their budget goes to community support, they don’t really financially support anything that’s not a quest for a “cure.”

  7. I am bursting with tears. I can’t handle hearing this. But we all need to because it has to stop. It just needs to right this second.

  8. I’m sorry, if someone ever treated my autistic son the way these children and adults have been treated, I’d have filed a civil suit against them so fast it would make their heads spin! Of course, that would be after I got out of jail for assault and battery on the idiots dumb enough to try and touch my child!! I’m a mama-bear type of mom, and I carry a taser, and I would not hesitate to use it on Anyone who dared to try and treat my boy that way!!! These people need to be stopped!!! Yes, my heart breaks for those in their care, but it mostly makes me ANGRY!!!! This should have been stopped YEARS ago, people!!!! What the dickens is going on in that state?!?!? Are those in authority asleep at the wheel?!? WAKE UP!!!!! STOP THIS INSANITY ALREADY!!!! Indict and convict these barbarians!!!! NOW!!!!!! Someone needs to, at the very least, do an expose on this place from the inside. Bring it to public awareness on Fox News or something. ANYthing!! Please!!!

    • “I’m sorry, if someone ever treated my autistic son the way these children and adults have been treated, I’d have filed a civil suit against them so fast it would make their heads spin! Of course, that would be after I got out of jail for assault and battery on the idiots dumb enough to try and touch my child!!”

      I’d not even bother with the civil suit.

      I’m of the opinion that the only way to deal with the likes of Matthew Israel’s bunch is to feed them cricket bats at very high velocity. I’ve no supporting evidence, true; but it’s very likely that they’d learn something that way.

      Matthew Israel was supervised by Skinner. What I know of Skinner and his work suggests that Israel’s only concern whilst Skinner was his supervisor was to get his Ph. D. as soon as he could. There’s is NOTHING that goes on in the JREC that is supported by anything that Skinner reported as conclusions from his research. If anything, JREC is going the opposite way from what Skinner was teaching… even Lovaas wasn’t this bad, and he wasn’t exactly someone I’d call a hero.

  9. Can you please start a petition in Change.org? And put all of your supporting documentation in there, with all the reference links as well. Then post the link to the petition here, and on the FB page, in order to gain as much attention as possible to this issue… only then will something happen.
    Breach of medical ethics in its various forms, has long been a problem here in the US, unbeknownst to many. The involved medical establishment looks towards the potential results as a way to justify the cancellation of their oath to “Do no harm.” Unfortunately, we have a long history with this type of problem.
    The defending arguments in the trials held against Nazi doctors was explained by posing parallels to human experimentation done here in the US. They called the Nazi doctors monsters, but they argued they were just doing as other countries were doing at the time. One of the main cases cited? The Tuskegee Syphilis Study on African Americans. The longest human experimentation project ever done in the world, conducted over a 40 year period. You would think after that embarrassment, the US would back off from human experimentation, but they did not; even after the Nuremberg Code was set in place in the late 1940’s. Here were a few more of the US’s breach of medical ethics…A facility repeatedly injected disabled individuals with hepatitis, in search of a vaccine. Another facility injected cancer cells into chronically ill patients, claiming it was safe, and that the research and resulting data was of utmost importance. When the head doctor was asked if he would inject himself, he declined. Then there were lead-paint studies, where low income families with young children were offered a good deal on housing for long term living. Little did they know it was a study to see how lead paint affects growing children.
    Yes, the compromising of medical ethics, embarrassingly enough, has a long reaching history here in the US, and only when our people become educated, and outraged, will change happen. So offer that education to people through your petition, be precise, and give as many accurate references as you can, (as you did in your post). People need to be able to take that information you offered, research for themselves, and become just as outraged as you are. God-speed.


  10. This is absolutely horrifying! Shut that place down and put all the torturers in jail, for life! We can’t allow such dangerous people to hold jobs in society.

  11. It should be known also that the JRC has been controversial for over two decades. New York was sending students there to the tune of twenty five million dollars per year and they recently stopped doing so due to cuts in budgets and people realizing that those funds could go to upfront supports for families and individuals prior to having to take this action. There have been many efforts to close down this institution for these harsh treatments, however parents are still sending their children there. That is how they continue to do so. As a member of the ASA’s BOD the JRC was discussed and it was decided that they not be allowed to exhibit at the organization’s national conference. However, as with any organization that has an options policy, once again you do have to consider that parents are utilizing JRC and show up at hearings to defend their “teaching” methods.

    As a parent of a son with autism, and sibling of a brother who had epilepsy and died from a restraint death, I literally begged people to send in letters to the FDA on this issue. However ECT, and form of electric shock therapy, has been discussed even at the IACC meetings by a professional as treatment for individuals who have catatonia and autism. As a parent watching at the meeting, July 8th, 2013 I was horrified because our son was attending as well so he could provide public oral comment on appropriate access to health care after the death of Alex Spourdalakis. He also was there to participate in a NIH study on inflammation of the brain in adults with autism and had gone through some medical testing that morning. He observed the presentation in disbelief knowing that at one time he himself had been experiencing challenges as some he viewed in the videos but had since obtained appropriate medical intervention, as Dr. Frye discussed at the same IACC meeting, that assisted him greatly.

    That presentation that mentions the use of ECT by Dr. Watchel of the Kennedy Krieger Institute can be viewed here and the video is available on the IACC website as well.

    Click to access slides_lee_wachtel_070913.pdf

    Additionally it should also be realized that there are institutions across this country that daily are physically and chemically restraining individuals with disabilities and they are dying in these faculties, many state run. We also need to address those issues and be aware that there is no data being collected on these deaths nor when victimization/abuse of an individual with a disability occurs. So when this young man in this video was abused in this way, there is no data collected to show how often this is happening nor how often people like my brother or Alex Spourdalakis are being physically or chemically retrained.

    You have indicated some efforts and yes I would support those and thank you for addressing this. However Governor Baker has the ability to shut down JRC by temporarily pulling their license and investigating them as they have in the past when individuals who were shocking students were not properly trained to administer that treatment.


    Also contact the Protection and Advocacy Agency in Mass, The Disability Law Center, and ask them what they have done to represent the students at JRC. http://www.dlc-ma.org/

    Additionally please contact the Disabled Persons Protection Commission and file a complaint in reference to JRC. Anyone can do so and it is required that this information is kept tract of in Mass. http://www.mass.gov/dppc/abuse-report/what-is-reportable.html

    Thank you for addressing this issue. It is imperative that we as a community do so and be proactive in such social justice and civil rights issues.

  12. I don’t even know where to begin; so I’ll just say, he and others should win enough money from the numerous lawsuits that are coming, so they can recover from this and go on to have wonderful, spectacular lives. I hope they can recover emotionally. That might be a tough road. This was barbaric, and all the people involved, should be jailed for many years. This kinda stuff should NEVER be allowed to happen AGAIN, to ANYONE.

  13. Reblogged on @Life as an Anxious Wife and commented:
    There are no words to express the horror this makes me feel. Please, read this. Take the steps to help shut this down. I would add more, but the tears are flowing, and this post really speaks for itself.

  14. Has a petition been started?
    I cant watch the video…I couldn’t even et through the statements before the tears started… I have no words, just heartache! Needs to stop as of yesterday!

  15. Commented on your facebook post but thought I’d comment here as well.

    I feel the same way, I am in awe of how long people have been fighting this. I am also in awe of how little autistic voices are being heard.

    Last year, I had the notion to travel to comic cons trying to raise awareness with celebrities, because what else is there to do that hasn’t already been done? This needs more public awareness.

    I spent all of 2014 planning trips, writing letters(turns out that method doesn’t work well), recovering from all the sensory stress of those trips, I launched my blog.

    I’ve had untreated PTSD since childhood due to minor seclusion in school, among other factors. I’ve been a silent recluse for most of my life but when I learned of JRC, I decided I had to break my silence. It took me 2 years to get the nerve to do so.

    Here’s the link to my JRC reaction: http://wp.me/P4QKhv-1u
    (I also try to share my reaction the video, so people don’t have to watch it, but it needs to be seen.)

    The nightmare doesn’t end with JRC. It’s the only place using shocks, but there are other lethal methods being used now even in public schools. Restraint and Seclusion, withholding food, etc. Check out http://stophurtingkids.com/ watch the 27 minute documentary(first 2 minutes give you a clue), read the 2009 Government Accountability Office report (in PDF format).

    I wrote a post titled “Into the Disability Underworld” about the topic, but it was rushed and I’m planning to rewrite it. It’s here if you’re interested. http://wp.me/P4QKhv-2s

    Gregory Miller created a new petition last year for the FDA hearing, as usual it fell short on getting enough signatures. https://www.change.org/p/ban-torturous-shock-devices-used-on-special-needs-people

    So, here’s my advice. Don’t give a celebrity a letter because it may never get read, I didn’t have the nerve to talk openly about it at first, but the last few cons I did and that seemed to go much better. I even printed out wallet cards with links. Still waiting to see if there’s any results from my most recent trip, one promising response.. I need more patience but every day feels like eternity.

    Out of all the cons I went to(which cost me too much $$$ and major stress due to sensory), only one person so far took the time to learn about it and tweet about it. One of her costars retweeted her. Total retweets was like 6 people, excluding 4 I knew. So she was rather disheartened by how few people seemed to care. I tried getting the attention of ASAN to retweet those too.

    She probably wouldn’t appreciate me talking about it behind her back, but I could share those tweets. I know she’s swamped in existing commitments and can’t do much now. But she might appreciate hearing some supportive words from autistics and concerned people, to at least know it her trying was appreciated.

    Needless to say, I am a miserable depressive person, but it isn’t because I’m Autistic/Aspergers. I’m fine with that and wouldn’t change it.

    -Chris “Stargazer”

  16. What b……..s…..I can not believe what i have just read…I am going to find there address and tell them exactly what i think!!!!!!! Rotenberg centre….more like rotten centre……you will reap what you sew……you need to be educated you are the ones that need therapy…..God help you !!!!

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  19. What’s scary is has anyone investigated possible medical issues related to the behavioral issues? Or maybe they have and no psychiatrist or neurologist was able to help, which led these families to seek out Judge Rotenburg Center to begin with? Maybe JRC is the only last hope these families have when all the big shots couldn’t help? Did you ever think of that?

    • of course. i think that’s often the case. which makes it even more nefarious. they take desperate people and offer a “solution.” a solution that is so unthinkable that the UN deems it torture.

    • What on earth am I reading!!1Barbaric!!! practises….to make sure some one fits in!!!!…this treatment never never acceptable…..thought the U.S. was supposed to be more advance in there research!!!…why is this young lady being shocked!!!…just because people are not bothering to find ways to work with her or to find out about

  20. It’s interesting to think going off meds would cause all these issues, when in fact, it’s being ON anti-psychotics like Risperdal, seroquel, remeron, ativan, zyprexa, haldol, clonazpine and abilify, that are LINKED to restless legs and biomedical changes in the body…..yes, I agree, shocking someone isn’t the answer, but we must remember that shocking someone and giving them a chemical lobotomy is just as adversive and horrific. Shock therapy should always be a last resort, temporary and never a replacement for pushing doctors to find underlying etiologies for the self abuse. Shame on everyone for not helping these people. For instance, risperdal can cause tremors and sub clinical seizures, that can trigger self abuse, so if you just pull them off these meds and start shocking them, you aren’t dealing with the drug withdrawl symptoms nor are you helping them feel healthy again….NATURAL meds in the end are the best solution. Yes, maybe a week or two during the detox period they may need shock therapy to protect them from killing themselves, but for goodness sakes, during this time this is the opportunity for medical testing to see what is causing so much pain and discomfort to facilitate SIB.

  21. Since Autism $peaks recommends the JRC as an alternative to murdering Autistic “burdens” (as they describe us), and given the fact that Toys’R’Us donates money to the above-named ‘charity’…:
    There’s a torturous place, you’re on your way there
    Where hundreds of Auties are all getting shocked
    It’s called JRC!
    There’s too many bodies carried out from there
    It’s called JRC, JRC, JRC!

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  23. Do you know what JRC characterizes as behavior needing shocks? It is a little girl with cerebral palsy who is blind and nonverbal moaning and reaching out to Staff for a hug. Yes, needing comfort and being unable to talk clearly indicates non compliant behavior to those sadists. The child got shocks for it. How sick!

  24. Judge Rotenberg Center. 40 years of torturing disabled children. 6 murdered children. Video and audio proof of burns, wounds, taunts, laughing, mocking, starvation, electrocution, chemical torture, assault, rape, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, medical deprivation. Multiple eye witness accounts by reporters, staff, and former concentration “school” survivors. International condemnation. U.N. condemnation of this child-torture. Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. Destruction of evidence, coverup of criminal child abuse, flight from justice by it’s founder. Why haven’t all these defenseless children been liberated? Why hasn’t this hell-hole of Sadistic depravity been closed down? Where is the Swat Team? Where are the Trauma Councelors? Why has no one been arrested? Why hasn’t every single twisted psychopath “doctor” and employee ever involved with this place been arrested? Why has no one been put on trial? Where is Justice? Torturing and abusing defenseless disabled kids needs to end. NOW.

  25. It’s been 5 YEARS since the UN declared JRC methods as Torture and demanded they immediately cease punishing and experimenting on disabled children. FIVE Years. Yet it continues, unabated. These Sadists have no fear of the Law, CPS, the Police, or International outcry. No one will stop them, so they don’t give a damn. These kids are as young as 3 years old! Many cannot even talk. Most are severely developmentally delayed. They are starved, taped into sacks for hours, shocked day and night, never knowing kindness, compassion or love. Poor poor babies!!

  26. In response to Christopher Stargazer: Watson, 79, an American who won the 1962 Nobel prize for his role in stealing the credit [from Rosalind Franklin] for the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA […]
    Fixed that for CNN. 😉

  27. I can’t believe this place still exists. Learning about it brings tears to my eyes. I am….probably the last person on Earth who would ever condemn the behavior of another human being as evil, but this is it. This is my limit.

    This place is evil. It’s possibly Satanic, although honestly I think that Lucifer himself isn’t anywhere NEAR as “creative” as a human being is. I cannot for the life of me figure out how the people who work there do what they do without a crisis of conscience.

    • Do not underestimate the creativity of the Devil. When these ‘people’ get to their final destination, Satan puts GEDs on them and dials it up just as high, I’m sure of it. ;D

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  29. 2016 and the torture of disabled children by the Sadists of JRC happens 24 hours a day. The U.N. condemned these illegally modified shock packs that burn these mental babies with 2nd and 3d degree burns. The Judge Rotenberg Center defended this by saying it didn’t hurt badly enough. They enjoy making these poor children suffer. JRC starves them, shackles them, puts them in the dark, and shocks them. Monsters! How long will the cries and screams of these abused special needs children be ignored? Why aren’t these children rescued from those depraved lunatics? Defending the defenseless and not closing eyes to evil is a great teaching of most just societies. Mengele would feel right at home at the Judge Rotenberg Center.

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