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  1. This gave me the feels. So beautifully written, introduces me so I feel I have truly met your girl. I am amazed that once again, no matter our differences, we have so many of the same experiences. Please thank Katie for granting permission to share.

  2. holy smokes – that girl can write!
    And … ” The Phantom Tollbooth”!
    I didn’t know anyone else who read that book! Other than my sibs and me!

  3. Beautiful poem Katie. I officially want to go read The Phantom Tollbooth again, I completely forgot about that book. 🙂

  4. So beautiful. It reminds me so much of the “I am” poem son, who was 8 at the time, wrote at the beginning of this school year. He also has a brother with extra needs and gifts. Other people at parent-teacher teacher night didn’t seem to react the way I did (trying to control the gushing and emotions). He poured so much of his soul into the poem. Indeed, that is what I love about Katie’s poem too.

  5. Mesmerized by your family and how brutally honest and bold you are, Jess!! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! Much love and hugs

  6. Katie, thank you for sharing this with the world. You write with such thoughtfulness. Many blessings to you for a bright happy future! ❤

  7. Katie you are an incredible young lady…. You have an amazing talent that not many people can honestly say they have…. You and your family inspire me…. You, Brooke and your Mom have an incredible way with words…. Thank you so so much for sharing your very beautiful, heart felt poem…. It is absolutely beautiful….

  8. Your Katie is an amazing young lady 🙂 Her poem is beatifully written and pleasure to read(through teary eyes). I just recently started reading your posts Jess. When my son was diagnosed with autism I went on a search for answers and stumbled upon one of your honest and amazing tirades 🙂
    Please tell me how did Katie became such an avid reader? I love reading myself and do so with both my boys, but I want them to be hungry for written word…how do I do that? where did you start and how?
    I’m Polish, english is my second language – forgive me any grammar or structural mistakes;)

    • I honestly think it’s an innate thing for her. That said, we do talk about books a lot. I gave her my favorites as a kid (including miles and the phantom toll booth ;)). I told her how I felt about them and why. I shared Emily Dickinson’s ode to reading – There is no Frigate like a Book when she was tiny and told her what it meant to me – that books can take us anywhere we want to go. And she had a magical kindergarten teacher. One who taught them to revere books – to smell them, to listen to the crack of the binding as they opened, to feel the paper. It was quite a thing. And Katie loved it so much – not just celebrating the stories within the pages, but honoring the story of the book itself. I don’t think it’s something that could have been taught, just tended and watered and lovingly watched as it grew.

  9. This poem touched my heart and took me somewhere else. Isn’t that what great writing does? Whether or not you decide to continue as a writer, or just for yourself, I hope it always brings you what it brought me.

  10. This is AMAZING. What a talented writer you have! She’s too young for it now, but when she gets into high school, she should apply to the New England Young Writer’s Conference (http://sites.middlebury.edu/neywc/) held by Middlebury College (in VT). I went when I was in high school, and I’m sure she would thrive! She’s going places, your Katie!

  11. Jess,My son is the same age and did this exact same assignment a few months ago. The result was and is one of my most favorite things he has ever done. Glad Katie had the opportunity to do this assignment. And thanks for sharing, she is one awesome cookie!Shira

    Gratzia Vita!!!! Don’t underestimate your perfection. ~ Shira Barzilay

    Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 11:12:30 +0000 To: shiraz26@hotmail.com

  12. OMG this is amazing! One of my daughters (also the oldest one) had a similar assignment based on the same poem — I seem to recall photos attached to it … it also started out the same way, about cooking and etc., and it made me cry just like Katie’s! These kids are so amazing!

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