well, I should probably warn ya I’ll be just fine

First there was this …

Okay, so, um, this is going to be one really long sentence and I’ll probably ramble and I might repeat myself and I can’t even promise it will make sense, but bear with me, because something just happened and Oh my God I just can’t even, and, well, it started earlier today when I noticed a, well, a notice, whatever, a thing, in an email from Brooke’s principal that mentioned an upcoming musical showcase for which it appeared thatauditions had closed in February but I knew that we hadn’t heard about it, so I wrote to Brooke’s teacher, Ms K (the one Brooke decided not to hate today: see earlier post) to ask if she’d heard about it because I thought it could possibly be something that Brooke would want to do – I mean, I didn’t know for sure, of course, but I wanted her to have the option ofmaking that decision for herself so I asked and the teacher, who hadn’t heard about it, went to look into it and the music teacher running it agreed that if Brooke wanted to audition, she’d allow her to do so after school today and when Ms K asked Brooke if she wanted to she said YES and so she asked me what I thought Brooke would want to sing and I said you’d have to ask her, but what about Happy, which she sang in chorus last year (because I don’t know shish about music so I didn’t know how hard that song actually is to sing) but when Ms K suggested it, Brooke said YES and then, with NO practice and NO prep time and no anything but a microphone and her damn fabulous self, my girl — MY GIRL — auditioned for the showcase and the music teacher said YES and now she’s going to PERFORM A FRIGGIN SOLO in the showcase and Oh My God my kid is amazing.


And then there was this …

“Hey, Brooke, are you a little nervous to sing tonight or just excited?”

“Just excited.”

And then there was this …

Hi Mom,
I can’t wait for the talent show. I only wish Oomah can come back to life and see it. I had drama at school. We played a guessing game of food and told a story. I practiced with Mr. B for the show. TTYL.
Can we fix it?
And then there was this …



Somebody is ready to go.

{image is a photo of Brooke dressed and ready to go sing her SOLO in the showcase tonight.}

And then there was this …

“Brooke, honey, remember when you’re up on stage tonight, you’re just there to sing. It’s not the time for … um … extra stuff, ok?”

“No improvisationing.”


And then, ten minutes to curtain, there was this …




{images are photos of Brooke jumping / dancing on the mini trampoline in her classroom to one of her all-time favorite songs.}

And then there was THIS …

(if the video doesn’t pop up above, click here)

During which her music teacher, who had so generously helped her prepare for this on his own time, couldn’t stop smiling.


{image is a terrible photo of Mr B, but I watched him grinning throughout the entire song and I just had to try to snap a photo because, well, right?}

And the crowd clapped along and I cried and my mom cried and Brooke beamed and everyone who came to see her – Ms D, her elementary school reading specialist, Ms J, so much more than her aide from 5th grade, Julie, our former babysitter, Grammy, Grandpa DD, me, Luau, Katie … beamed right back at her.

And then she walked off the stage.



{image is a photo of Brooke walking off the stage to rousing applause}

Huge thanks to everyone who supported Brooke in making this happen, especially her teacher, Ms K and her music teacher, Mr B, who put so much time into helping her prepare. Words aren’t big enough for your dedication to our kids. You rock. 

24 thoughts on “well, I should probably warn ya I’ll be just fine

  1. wow, she did a really wonderful job! I probably should have watched this BEFORE applying my makeup :::off to fix my mascara that seems to have run:::

  2. The Teacher’s smile captures it all! Having taught preschool, the students that had a harder time are the moments I treasure the most knowing how high they reached.

  3. What a SUPERSTAR!!!! Brilliant performance by Brooke and wonderful to see her reaction at the end. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Happiness…..pride…..confidence…..that is what I see…..Brooke Rocks!!! Her teacher’s rock!!! Her friends and family who came to support her rock!! The audience that clapped along….they rock!! It….all of it….everty last bit of it….as you might say….”=” happy!!!

  5. AWESOME!!!! What a fabulous performance! And I love how the audience clapping along didn’t throw her, even when they were, umm, not quite on the beat. 😉

  6. Brooke, you are simply amazing!!! Best version of Happy ever. Thank you for sharing your beautiful song with all of us! Love you!

  7. I had to watch this again. Her timing is impeccable! It’s hard to stay on task when everyone is clapping against you. My heart is full. I can start my day 🙂

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