dashers go bridal

Back in January, I posted the story of Brooke’s dashers. It went something like this …

A while ago, I posted a photo on Diary’s Facebook page of Brooke shredding ribbons in the car. Like this:


{image is a photo of Brooke, shredding a rainbow striped grosgrain ribbon}

And you asked what we do with the detritus of this activity, which looks like this:


{image is a photo of the result of the shredded ribbon – a mad jumble of individual threads. Brooke’s foot is a bonus.}

And I said, “Um, nothing.” And then I felt sort of ridiculous, because, well, there had to be something we could do with it, right?

Today, Brooke’s anxiety had her swimming in a toxic soup. So we headed to AC Moore to raid the dollar ribbon bin. We found a great selection of pinks, a glittery mesh (which turned out to be a bust for shredding), and the rainbow pictured above.

As soon as we got into the car, she started shredding.


{images above and below are of Brooke pulling apart the ribbon in the car.}

and shredding ..


and shredding …


And I thought of you guys. And the fact that she was, in her own way, producing something really beautiful.

So we went out later in the afternoon and bought some mason jars. And did this.

{images below are photos of mason jars filled with the various jumbles of thread that Brooke created by pulling apart the ribbons.}


And this …


I told Brooke that I thought they looked like jars of spun sugar. Or fairy hair. She shrugged and said, “They’re dashers.”

And so they are.

And I think they’re really beautiful.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, we got a request. Two of my favorite readers, Wendy and Seth, are getting married. Which is beyond awesome because we love Wendy and we love Seth and we love love and, as you know, we’re all about weddings and joy and CAKE!

Seth  is in charge of decorations. As an aside, can I just say Go Seth, cause there’s no way in heck Luau would have taken on decorating for our wedding? I mean, mostly ’cause I would probably have killed him when he chose pink flamingos for the lawn and lava lamps for the cocktail tables, but I digress.

The wedding is to be a small, backyard affair. They want it to be colorful, celebratory, relaxed and intimate. And Seth had an idea.

You see where this is going, right?

Yup, look out Middletons, Brooke is now in the wedding decor business.

They left the color palette up to her. As long as it was colorful and happy, her instructions were to follow her muse. And follow it she did.

This was how we spent our Saturday morning …


{image is a photo of Brooke shredding ribbon over an open mason jar}


{image is a photo of Brooke filling a jar from the MASSIVE vase full of ribbon shreds next to her.}


{image is a photo of Brooke reaching for another mason jar – here you can see just how massive the vase is. I don’t lie, people.}


{image is a photo of a dasher in process}


{image is a photo of Brooke screwing on the lid, which, no matter how frustrating for her, she insisted on doing herself}

I was so excited when I found these wire lids at Michael’s. They’re a dollar a piece (probably cheaper in bulk) and we used them to replace the solid lid insert. Now you can see all the pretty colors from the top, and, even better, Wendy and Seth could put flowers in them on the tables if they are so moved. Or Pixy Stix, which I acknowledge aren’t remotely bridal, but who wouldn’t love a good Pixy Stix bouquet? I know I would. Just sayin’.


{image is a closeup of the lid, which is made of wire mesh.}

Speaking of bridal, I grabbed some white organza ribbon thinking it would make them officially wedding-y. My job was to tie said ribbon after Brooke had filled and closed the dashers. It made me feel useful.


{images above and below are photos of some of the finished dashers adorned with their bridal bows. I suck at taking pictures of things like this, so you have to take my word for the fact that they’re really much cooler looking in person.}


Ready to go …


{image is a photo of the dashers in their box, ready to get packed up for shipping.}

My girl’s art will be adorning a wedding.

Ain’t that nifty?

Wishing Wendy and Seth a lifetime of love, laughter, abundant moments of calm and easy joy, and, of course, cake.

Love you, guys!

23 thoughts on “dashers go bridal

  1. Us moms always think (know) that our children’s art is beautiful. It’s simply awesome when others agree.
    Congratulations to Wendy and Seth! Great job, Brooke!

    • Thank you.
      Yes…we recognized their beauty immediately and are honored that she agreed to be a part of our celebration in this way.

  2. They are gorgeous! And ribbon shredding, what a fab idea, I think my girl may find that therapeutic 🙂

  3. Jess, thank you for going to the work to help her complete this.
    Brooke, thank you for being a part – a very important part – of our day.
    There is nothing we would rather have helping us to celebrate this fall. The whole ceremony is a celebration of love, acceptance, balance, and the acknowledgement of knowing we have finally found the person that brings those things into our lives…and the comfort that when those things seem impossible, we will never be fighting to find them alone.
    What better art to embody that than these amazingly beautiful dashers?
    Beauty found through struggle…beauty brought about by Brook knowing how to find her calm?
    We love you guys too.
    Again, thank you.
    They are amazing and perfect.

    Oh…and Pixie Stix.
    You may have just given him another idea. 😉

    I will let him address that though.
    I’m with you, Jess.
    If it happens, we will make sure that some find their way back to you.

  4. This is a beautiful idea! Brooke’s dashers have always made me smile. Such beauty comes from this amazing girl finding her calm. What a great idea for a special touch at a wedding! I’ve never seen the lids like this, either. I would have to have pixie sticks, tootsie roll pops, blow pops, and regular suckers stuck through the mesh. 😁
    However they’re used, they are priceless! ~Tina~

  5. Have you thought of putting some of the dashers in those empty clear glass (or plastic) Christmas ornaments? I know Michael’s carries them around Christmas. They’d look beautiful on a tree. In fact – I would love silver, red, white and black ones for *my* tree! That could be a fund raiser idea for y’all – if you need one. 🙂 I’d surely buy a few. 🙂

  6. Cottage Industry, started here – we were there when it all began!

    “Dashing Dasher Décor” by Brooke!
    Weddings, Baby Showers, Christenings, Bat Mitzvahs, “just because”


  7. OMG! How amazing is this! It must be so wonderful for her to see that she is creating something beautiful… They look gorgeous! Way to go!

  8. This seriously made me weepy. And now I want a dasher of my own. Such a beautiful reminder that out of turmoil can come unique and beautiful things. *sigh*

    • Your sentiment is one reason we love that she is a part of it in this way.
      Without getting into specifics, our roads have not been easy ones…we have found our *calm* when we are together. No matter what may be going on around – or inside of us.
      Brooke’s way of finding her calm will help to bring us ours too on our wedding day.
      I don’t think there will ever be the perfect words to explain how much this means to us.

  9. I absolutely love this! We are getting married in December with a Winterwonderland theme and white ribbon shredded would look amazing! What a wonderful way to put her needs to a good use. You could open an etsy shop to pay for all the ribbon you go through. I ❤ y'all!

  10. Hmmm, am now thinking I should have done something with all the dental floss my son insisted on unspooling. Nah. Who would want used dental floss ‘dashers’ for a wedding? Maybe a dentist?

  11. Brooke- Can I buy a packet of dashers from you please Darling? I live in Australia so it would need to be light (eg in a plastic bag?) so the postage doesn’t get too much.

    I LOVE what they represent…. Doing what you’ve got to be ok…To survive that anxious moment. And at the start it looks like you’ve taken something beautiful and “just” made a mess. (That sounds like everyday of my life!)

    But…someone looks at that mess and sees something beautiful. Then others notice how beautiful your mess is too.

    I have PTSD and Chronic Fatigue. My husband has depression. We have 3 boys – two with ASD. Life is hard and messy. But I choose to believe that just like Brooke’s dashers, our messy life can be beautiful too. It’s just how you look at it.

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